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Arch Rival from NY on 2001-05-17 10:37 [#00006624]


Where is the melodies on that album?

I was so dam stupid that I bought that piece of CRAP!

Its the worst album in my whole album collection, avant
garde...yeah eat dick.

My litte sister (10 years old) was fucking around with
Fruity and cool edit and the result sounded exactly like
some of the Autechre tracks on Confield.

Autechre must be on crack or something, you cant call that
bullshit MUSIC!!! And Im going to kill that bastard who said
"go get the new Autechre album, Its bangin!"

I want music not just annoying noise.


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-05-17 10:41 [#00006625]

Listen to confield more and I'm sure you'll enjoy it,.. It
has a lot of hidden melodies within,.. and if, even after a
few more listens you don't like it,.. THEN THERE"S SOMETHING
LIKE YOU MA||||(edited)


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-05-17 11:34 [#00006629]

"These are the complaints of a closed
mind"------------------(name that quote)


neofob on 2001-05-17 11:53 [#00006630]

The melodies ar probably on Plaids "Double Figure". If you
would like to hear what it most certanly would sound like if
Autechre made music with melodies like Plaid i suggest you
point your browser to


crapnose from Montreal on 2001-05-17 12:08 [#00006631]

this dude who is a big fan of Autechre really hated
Confield, because it's nothing but normal Autechre, exactly
what you'd expect, not exciting at all.


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-05-17 23:16 [#00006653]

I myself really enjoy this new album for the feeling that it
gives me whilst listning to it,.. each song in the album has
it's own little charm/gimmick that makes it worth listning
to,.. after a couple of days of listning I found myself not
being able to skip a single track,.. there's a lot of hidden
beuaty in Confield,... It just takes time to realise,..
after LP5 this rates as my favourite


Arch Rival from NY on 2001-05-18 06:41 [#00006670]

Ok its not the worst album....I got to admit that the album
has grown a little :)


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-05-18 07:16 [#00006673]

and hey,.. if your 10yo sister can replicate those sounds,..
tell her to sign up with warp,..


neofob on 2001-05-18 07:57 [#00006676]

I listened to the tracks on the WARP-site and I will buy it.


Arch Rival from NY on 2001-05-18 14:52 [#00006708]

Hey Dickhead!! I can send a album to you for free that I
produced with annoying noize all over it!!! I have sampled
annoying sounds from my old broken TV and also used my old
fucked drum machine. Its a pretty nice album, I know you
will like it if you like that confield album :)


Arch Rival from NY on 2001-05-18 14:54 [#00006709]

Its just irritating noize all over it, no melodies, no rythm
nothing just shit.

Its some new imroved IDM music.


Arch Rival from NY on 2001-05-18 14:55 [#00006710]

BOC, Muziq, Aphex and Plaid are nice thought.


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-05-18 17:29 [#00006722]

Did you get Ep7 before you got Confield, and if so did you
like Ep7 ?


Netlon Sentinel from beyond on 2001-05-18 19:10 [#00006729]

i was watching a horror film the other day with confield
playing in the background -> good combination. spooky album,
especially from track 5 onwards. it reminds me a bit of tri
repetae (which also wasn't too melodious, was it?)


Pete Rocks from Sweden on 2001-05-19 15:30 [#00006776]

Confield is pretty good, 3 out of 5.

I think they have made better albums.
Some tracks are boring, some tracks amazing.


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-05-20 06:13 [#00006840]

Confield Would be a 4 out of 5 for me,.. I still think that
lp5 is better,.. but this is sure to be a classic


rubbish john from a bowl of monkey scum on 2001-05-20 13:22 [#00006861]

i haven't listened to it yet.
this is surprising as i have had it for about a week now,
but you know how it is when you go out and buy loads of new
cd's - you aint got time to listen to all of them at once!
but i am now curious as to what it may be like. alot of
mixed opinions here.
looks like i'm gonna have to get a huge bag of weed first


rubbish john from the moon on 2001-05-29 13:57 [#00007447]

i have to say that i was not heavily impressed with this
a bit hard on the ears at points, which i normally like, but
it doesn't seem to go anywhere. there is also a distinct
lack of melodies.
"no sir - i don't like it.
that said - i've only listened to it a few times, and i have
been known to change my mind about such matters - however, i
do not feel compelled to listen to confield again.


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