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shitty slipkont

hedtwin from Manchester, England. on 2001-02-26 00:28 [#00000507]

I have the slipknot album from when i was into all that, it
is sugned. I reckon that i shoudl sell it and with the money
buy good music/weed/whatever takes my fancy, but my mate
reckons i should keep it, even though i now hate slipknot
with an undying passion.

What do you kids reckon?


Id Lab from Preston, UK on 2001-02-26 18:17 [#00000537]

I've got a huge collection of crap music that I never listen
to, and yet can't bear to throw out - in the mistaken belief
that some day it will become either useful or valuable. I'd
keep it, but only because I'm weak-willed. Sell it, my
friend, while people still like Slipknot.


Syllable#five on 2001-02-26 19:15 [#00000540]

I have plenty of music I regert (and your not finding out
what). But I could never get rid of it because that's just
the stuff that helped me reach my music tastes now.
Besides, it may come in useful for sampling in the future.


Netlon Sentinel from beyond on 2001-04-30 11:36 [#00005156]


sorry, i just had to laugh at this topic!!

dutch people will understand. if they have a lame sense of
humour like i do, that is.



-=[MC PhuQheAd]=- from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-04-30 11:57 [#00005161]

I think the Slipknot album is great!

Pure aggro! Great tunes. Great DJ! Great drummer! Great



shiny metal rod from Dublin on 2001-04-30 12:01 [#00005162]

yeah, slipknot kicks ass! it's great stuff though! Corey


rubbish john from pants on 2001-04-30 12:04 [#00005164]

arse arse arse


Netlon Sentinel from beyond on 2001-04-30 12:06 [#00005165]

for the record: i don't like slipknot at all.

i just love typos.


clobeSmith on 2001-04-30 17:42 [#00005186]

there's a small bit of shameful pride in, "yeah, i got like
180 cds, half of them are crappy and i never listen to them,
but i got like 180 of them."

(for the record, it is my own belief that the second half
is, um, half way decent)


po{e} from the uk on 2001-04-30 19:50 [#00005209]

i got loads of cds that suck....i can't bring myself to sell
them or whatever..


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-04-30 22:03 [#00005232]

1. SLIPKNOT SUX! I happened to meet the lead singer and one
of the secondary drummers. I saw them live right when that
cd real relased so a while ago.. right before anyone really
knew who they were. THEY SUCK! I used to like that a bit..
but they are horrible.. sell it NOW!

2. I had something like 120 Metal/Punk cds in my room and
shit that were all mine.. I sold them all. I couldn't handle
having so much SHITE in my room/house.

3. How much money do you reckon youd get for that stuff? Not
much I don't think.


hedtwin from manchester on 2001-04-30 23:45 [#00005247]

Yeah, they are all really arragant, and "metaller than
thouh"(he he he). Thet do not talk to anyone or anything,
not even when they are playing. I am waiting 2 get it of my
m8, but when i di, i will sell it :-)


[REFLEX] from Western Canada on 2001-05-01 00:42 [#00005257]

hedtwin: yes well.. they are nO good.. IMO they are nieve
and their music is made for angry little teenyboppers
[equivilent to the same people who buy N'Sync and The
Backstreet boys].


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-05-01 06:48 [#00005285]

Whenever I have a cd I don't like,.. I give it to one of my
The downside is that he usualy does the same,.. then
realises that it is crap and gives it to another friend,..
and sometimes it ends up being recycled back to me, in which
case I sell it.


unknownnnn from s'pore on 2001-08-08 17:04 [#00020426]

it.........korn also rulez.........u guyz like pop bands jus
like cute little limp ani milk to
drink babies??????/


RisK from Holland on 2001-08-08 17:50 [#00020434]

Haha word up sentinel.. laue grap :)


geonime from geoworld on 2001-08-08 17:50 [#00020435]

My! I never realised how many children used this message
board. Kiddie fads are OK in moderation, but to go out and
buy 100s of CDs by bands you will stop liking when you reach
puberty is... taking it a bit far, isn't it?
Slipknot, Korn et cetera are no better than
manufactured pop bands. Their music has no meaning, it is
disposable. If you like rock, I would like to
recommend the following bands: Husker Du, The
, The Icarus Line, Eleventh Dream
, Mclusky, Idlewild. Alright, they're
not exactly metal... but I don't LIKE metal.

But then again, saying Slipknot are metal is like
saying Atomic Kitten are psychadelia.


thanksomuch from over there on 2001-08-08 18:12 [#00020441]

hed twin, smash the shit out of that worthless waiste of
plastic and paper. time to rid the world of slip knot in a
violent and bloody manner.

or you could sell it, that woukd be good too.. but then you
would be futher spreding the plugue of bad music the
smothers the earth today.


Kont on 2001-08-08 19:40 [#00020456]



Organ Grinder from from my own little fantasy world on 2001-08-08 19:50 [#00020459]

slipknot = shock rock

slipknot and korn are on the same level as those sugar pop
bands -- except their target is young metalheads rather than
teenage girls.


Peter File from the Paedoph Isles on 2001-08-08 19:56 [#00020462]

Why do these men wear masks? Because they are ugly.


ross on 2001-08-08 20:03 [#00020466]

mr. bungle were wearing masks a long time ago, and they're
ten x better


geonime from geoworld on 2001-08-09 08:43 [#00020606]

Bungle has a stiffy,
he's using it on Zippy,
Bungle zipped his mouth shut,
so Geoffrey can't hear him scream.


Chrispy from UK on 2001-08-09 09:54 [#00020619]

I wouldn\'t say Heavy Metal is disposable. Music doesnt have
to have alot of meaning, as fans of Electronica would most
probable know. You\'d run out of material if all your
songs/tunes had meaning. Sometimes Its good just to make a
song/tune that sounds good. Its all about different tastes,
not meanings.

I\'ve liked Slipknot for a while now but I hate the masks
and shouting shit. I like the tunes and sounds they put
together. My all time fav music is Orbital and I also Like
Jazz. I not a big fan of hiphop and R&B but I like Metal,
Rock, Digital and D&B. They\'re quite similar in alot of
ways. I dont think anyone will agree with me though. I
dunno... :(


Failed Pilot from crashed plane on 2001-08-09 12:39 [#00020671]

To the Dutch people; I'm guessing here, but does kont mean
cunt in dutch?


Failed Pilot from crashed plane on 2001-08-09 12:41 [#00020672]

Let me futher add that Slipknot and all the other big-short
wearing, black-lipstick-applying, teenage-angsting,
tiny-penis stroking bands suck.

After Black Sabbath it all went wrong.


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