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have you seen aphex twin live ?

RECYCLE from lincoln,ne on 2001-04-28 00:55 [#00004936]

what was it like? does he "mingle with the croud" ? or is he
he kinda seems like he'd do his shite, say "thanks" and move


5is6 from centeroftheultraworld on 2001-04-28 00:59 [#00004937]

Saw him on the CTD tour. The only thing he interacts with
is his arse. Sat on the floor the whole performance in
front of his labtop. No love for the crowd. But the
dancing bears were fun. Music to hang bears to. hehehe


Richard from Portsmouth on 2001-04-28 17:39 [#00004981]

I saw Aphex play at the Incrediable lighthouse party.
Richard played a DJ set but played 2 caustic window tracks
which was wicked. At the end of his set he looked very
happy with the crowd and even signed a few autographs.

Nesh will be a wicked evening.


sic from netherlands on 2001-04-28 18:27 [#00004983]

saw him last summer on Lowlands festival. he was there with
Jungleterra and Ovuca for the Rephlex disco assault system.
AND IT WAS PHAT! he started with diceccaheedron and
ventolin, played much stuff of ICBYD and i think he was
doing alot of music live....under his desk of course so I
couldn't see him, escept when he was changing a record or

the live shit sounded very like was that
sort of music....slowly, but hard, soft but mean... Jamie
Lydell was there also and he was MC'ing all the time whilst
RDJ was be honest, it was more
screaming....Lydell is completely insane.....he was acting
so strange that aphex had to smile, and that was the only
time he looked into the crowed. And really, that smile of bizarre in real live as it is on the RDJ Album

There's really nothing special apbout RIdchard James
himself....he a weird lokinh guy with a long beard an loong
hair...he was weiring a t-shirt, no special
shiny windowlickerish suit or so...

he played for about 2 hours....and all of the time
incredibly hard. ecpesially his Qouth type
sounded so fucking hard. the tent he wa playing in almost
busted because of alle the sound that was produced in

I've never danced with a smile on my face for so long......I
never was so happy and tired after Aphex Twin's gig......

Dedicated to all of you who haven't seen him yet


PostModernVancouver from Vancouver on 2001-04-29 01:10 [#00005006]

Yup back in 1997, September 25 here in Vancouver.
Absolutely brilliant, the greatest and most bizarre show
ever seen due to its n-show nature and Richard lying flat on
his stomach NEVER EVER ONCE looking at the audience!
Lights out to the audience instead, and RDJ's Teddy Bears
poking through the audience.
Blows Autechre's live show away by miles in terms of
actually hearing different tunes and melodies.
I saw Autechre live afterwards and reminded me quite clearly
who truly still is the greatest artist and only true heir to
Kraftwerks throne:Aphex Twin...
everyone are just his disciples and followers.....


RECYCLE from lincoln,ne on 2001-04-29 03:41 [#00005020]

and to everyone else thatnsk.....


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