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maybe the youngest fan speaks

Roxy Gibbons from Bristol on 2001-04-26 16:27 [#00004726]

Hello Afx fans, I am 14, and would like to hear from you
all.....E mail me at, my favourite
album is Selected Ambiant works 2, but I like them all.
Is Richard gay? I don't think so...but prove me wrong if you


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-04-26 17:46 [#00004736]

If he's Gay, then he's Fucking Girls for all the wrong


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-04-26 19:13 [#00004745]

Richard has a girlfriend...


5is6 from centeroftheultraworld on 2001-04-26 19:24 [#00004749]

see :Richards sexual preference Topic for some insight. My
message of course.


Richard from Portsmouth on 2001-04-26 21:50 [#00004757]

Who gives a shit if he is gay. AS someone said before he a
Girlfriend so lets work that one out.
As long as his music is cool who cares.
I know one thing about him, he is an electronic genius.


Freefone from Scotland on 2001-04-26 23:00 [#00004760]

I'm 14 too. And where did anyone get the idea that RDJ is


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-27 00:40 [#00004768]

Ahh Im 18 and who give a ƒuck is RDJ is gay? I wouldn't
give a shit regardless of his sexual prefernce... in the end
its not even really our business!. whatever.. i thought that
whole topic was dumb.. interesting.. but dumb.


crapnose from Montreal on 2001-04-27 01:04 [#00004786]

i'm 13, so beat that.


Aron? from Canada on 2001-04-27 01:47 [#00004791]

I'm 12, turn 13 in july. Ha!


slapmyass from just outside the birth canal on 2001-04-27 04:52 [#00004800]

yeah, well I'm 6 days, 2 hours, 3 minutes, 26 seconds, and
30000.0153634 nanoseconds so beat that buddy, hmm actually,
I'm not that young, just bored.... and lonely.

somebody hold me, I need a friend *tear*.


-=[MC PhuQheAd]=- from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-04-27 08:54 [#00004818]

I started a topic before where I asked if Richard might be
gay. But unfortunately people on this messageboard get
things very wrong sometimes and so I was put on a level of
"retard" just because i wanted to know if Richard was
serious with printing the "Gay-Flag" on the the cover of the
Girl/Boy single.


Quiver from Ceil (Wayl) on 2001-04-27 14:39 [#00004836]

I really don´t care. Honestly.


od from australia on 2001-04-27 14:55 [#00004837]

i thought i was the youngest in tefosav, being 17 when i
entered (18 now) but i wasnt
nuclear heaven, darf fader and chulk are younger than me,
but theres probably others too.


po{e} from the uk on 2001-04-27 15:21 [#00004843]

these sorts of inane and stupid threads piss me off......


po{e} from the uk on 2001-04-27 15:22 [#00004844]

these sorts of inane and stupid threads piss me off......can
ppl read PREVIOUS threads and add stuff there (u could have
replied to 2 different threads instead of making this)


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