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song that are definitely out of time (faggy maybe) but still kewl

</sine707> from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-12-02 22:08 [#00057583]

ok, i start off,



1010-1111-10 from St.JOnn\\\'s Newfoundland, Canada on 2001-12-02 22:11 [#00057584]

Taco - Putting On The Ritz (funny)


SineSurfer on 2001-12-02 22:12 [#00057585]



</sine707> from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-12-02 22:17 [#00057586]



1010-1111-10 from St.JOnn\\\\\'s Newfoundland, Canada on 2001-12-02 22:25 [#00057589]

ma ma ma ma ma my my my my my woooooo


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-12-02 22:27 [#00057590]

Billy Idol - White Wedding


Ophecks from Nova Scotia on 2001-12-02 22:31 [#00057591]

The Monkees

I'm a Believer


1010-1111-10 from St.JOnn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Newfoundland, Canada on 2001-12-02 22:34 [#00057593]

B52's - Love Shack
Barnes and Barnes - Fish Heads
Crowded House - Our House
Enya - Orinco Flow (sp)
M.A.R.S. - Pump Up The Volume
Men Without Hats - Pop Goes the World,
Queen - Bohemian Rhaposdy
Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
Safety Dance
Styxx - Mr. Roboto
The Clash - Rock the Casbah
War - Low Rider
Wings - Band On the Run


1010-1111-10 from St.JOnn\\'s Newfoundland, Canada on 2001-12-02 22:34 [#00057594]

safety dance is by men without hats ........


</sine707> from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-12-02 22:43 [#00057596]

orinoco flow is great!!

well, let's see:

new order - true faith
a-ha (almost anything)
dire straits - sultans of swing
devo - whip it
foreigners - cold as ice

not really out of time:
jethro tull - a song for jeffrey
patti smith - because the night


Aron? from Canada on 2001-12-02 22:44 [#00057598]

sex pistols - anarchy in the uk
sex pistols - god save the queen
men without hats - safety dance
men without hats - pop goes the world
devo - whip it
bangles - walk like an egyptian
nina - 99 red balloons

...can't think of anymore...


Aron? from Canada on 2001-12-02 22:45 [#00057599]

yes i can!

guns'n'roses - sweet child of mine
ah ha - take on me (fucking wicked song!)


corc from new zealand on 2001-12-02 22:48 [#00057600]

Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round"


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-12-02 23:09 [#00057601]

oh shit.... I forgot:

Johnny Cash - Rawhide, Just the Good 'ol Boys, Mamma's Don't
Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys


The_Funkmaster from Newfoundland, Canada on 2001-12-03 00:11 [#00057610]

Safety Dance is awesome... I always get a kick outta
listening to that one... I love a good eighties song, very
nostalgic for me (even though I was only 7 in 89)... Women
in Chains by Tears for Fears is an awesome eighties song...
I don't think it was that popular, but it's great...
definately check it out... also, I have Starships greatest
hits, cause We Built this City is like the opitomy of
eighties... :)


The_Funkmaster from Newfoundland, Canada on 2001-12-03 00:12 [#00057611]

oh yeah, Sweet Child of Mine kicked major ass!!!!


Taxi on 2001-12-03 00:53 [#00057615]

One night in bankock, Murrah Head. Definite classic.

Quoth? is right... billy idol, white wedding is tha bomb.

And safety dance rox.

A lot of stuff by parliament kix serious ass too.


Aron? from Canada on 2001-12-03 01:11 [#00057618]

yeah that flashlight song by parliment is some funky ass


Contour Regard from a large couch on 2001-12-03 01:41 [#00057619]

Devo - Whip It is the anthem of all humanity. Every child
born into this world should have to spend five minutes of
there day listening to this song and school violence would
end. The Jews and Palastinians would quit fighting if only
they payed attention to the poetic words of Devo...Whip It,
and whip it good.


1010-1111-10 from St.JOnn\\\\\\\\\\\'s Newfoundland, Canada on 2001-12-03 05:00 [#00057646]

This is killing me. Someone please tell me the name of the
song that has the following lyrics:

"I will not wash my hand in your dirty water"

i remember hearing this song all the time, but i dont know
what its called or who its by!!

Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go


1010-1111-10 from St.JOnn\\\\\\\\'s Newfoundland, Canada on 2001-12-03 05:03 [#00057647]

Eddie Grant - Electric Avenue


Baron Von Picklefoot from From my "special" place on 2001-12-03 05:38 [#00057653]

I breed SP-1200's for a living......The worse condition a
record is in...the quicker I'll snatch it. If a record is
over 20 bucks.....It ain¹t ending up in my bedroom.
Chopping and tapping drum breaks is the meditation... a
cleansing of the mind, body and soul... like sobbing during
shower masterbation. I love cats...even though I know they
are the devil's eye. Artichokes make me violent like
drinking Jegermyster. My pet peeves: People who scrape their
silverware on their teeth and plates. People who know they
scrape their teeth with metal shit while they eat .....and
keep doing it to spite me. The World Wide Web. People who
think that it's the new wave of the future like,
calculators!!!!!!! THE BARON HAS SPOKEN!!!!!!


...MwmW)m(WmwM... on 2001-12-03 08:29 [#00057660]

Oh man I have to write these down, I heard queen bohemian
rhapsody of course and I was going to suggest wham! wake me
up before you go go too...
I'll just interpret "out of time" as retarded and lame. I
collected retarded and lame songs and put them on a station,
they're all great in their own... special way. They're
absolute classics... I couldn't imitate that one guys
retarded mike tyson-voice rap or the great song where they
offer ice cream and yellow smiley's to kids if they kill Pat
Riley (whoever he is) And satan makes an appearance (it's
really him, just listen to the voice...) I'm going to put it
on cd eventually and take notes.


...MwmW)m(WmwM... on 2001-12-03 08:49 [#00057662]

album: people like us hate people like us
song: barbed for people like us

It's quite a funny short song with a chorus of the grinch
and a couple gremlins and cheerful piano while the lyrics
happily reject random things. "fuck disco, fuck mashin, fuck
today's solution, fuck micra, (then in a more loving tone)
fuck micraaa." (maybe a cut off word "microsoft", doesn't
really matter as the point is fuck everything) (then
mentioned chorus)


...MwmW)m(WmwM... on 2001-12-03 08:58 [#00057664]

but the rest of that album sucks... and it comes with a free
birthday candle... unless they raised the price of the album
a smidge to make you pointlessly pay for it.


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