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Phobiazero! This is For you.

[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-25 01:08 [#00004497]

Hey, yeah If your reading this......ok. I think that this
site and message board are great....and I don't really want
to kiss your ass too long..hehehe..but yeah they are great!
And I think that it would be better if you could extend the
length of the topics being displayed at one time.... so
people could see older ones right there infront of them..
and post accordingly. Just a thought.. keep up the good

[ps. i know about the older messages at the bottom, i just
think this would make it easier, and more people would post
more often]


clobeSmith on 2001-04-25 02:44 [#00004513]

i like how mr. james' eyes peer over that message bar thing.
the first time i came to this site, it sort of freaked me
out (i love the lay out of the site, by the way).


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-25 02:45 [#00004514]

DAMNIT!.. phobiozero respond!... j/k


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-04-25 15:10 [#00004583]

No, I like it the way it behaves now... There is a LOT of
thinking behind the interface and the available features.

I hope you'll accept my reply... :-)


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-25 15:12 [#00004584]

Phobiazero: I totally understand what you posted there. Like
i said before, it was after all just a suggestion. I enjoy
this site often as Iam here like everyday!. the interface is
lovely... whatever you do.. im sure itll be fine. This
message board is ideal for any AFX lover....


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-04-25 15:24 [#00004585]

We'll add a search-function to the MB.

We need that since the # of messages are close to 5000. What
do you think?


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-25 21:44 [#00004625]

Phobiazero: well i think that having such a thing [search]
would help a lot. I mean then when someone finds somehing
they want to post on.. it will be brought up to the top of
the pile, so to speak. So I think that having that would be
very cool :]


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-04-26 01:26 [#00004662]

ahh,.. What happened to the messageboard,.. It might just be
my computer,.. but the rows have doubled in size,.. ughh!!!


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-26 01:28 [#00004663]



tune*fx on 2001-04-26 02:31 [#00004674]

prolly the guy caused with the underlined name. It was
widened the creator field, so the others shrunk. Too bad, we
have to find out something again...


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-26 02:40 [#00004676]

yeah I dunno obviously it was someone.. I don' think that it
was the admin.. cause this doesn't really work/look to good!


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