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wizards teeth from Inside a Kangaroo on 2001-04-20 18:25 [#00004075]

Just to let you know,

My Kidneys were recently stolen during a burglary. I woke up
before my body and realised they had been removed by the
thief. I crept down stairs and turned my burglar alarm off
and went into the kitchen. I opened the cupboard and removed
a can of kidney beans from the shelf. I opened the can and
removed two kidney beans. I also obtained a pair of scissors
from the draw and skulked back to my bedroom. I placed the
two kidney beans in the vacant position caused by kidney
theft. I then taped the hole back up. I then got back into
my body and went back to sleep. When I woke me and my body
were fine.

Little does it know, his urinary system is operating with
two kidney beans instead of two genuine kidneys.

Moral of story - Fit an effective alarm system to deter
kidney thieves.


d. griffiths from the toilet on 2001-04-20 20:14 [#00004085]

um, nice one


hevquip from horse's foot on 2001-04-20 20:33 [#00004087]

i was keen to recognize that someone had replaced my ribs
with pencils. i have been diagnosed with lead poisoning and
now must auction off my collection of lizard shoes. i will
accept payment in spurgeons if necessary.


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