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saw II

RECYCLE from lincoln,ne on 2001-04-16 03:03 [#00003530]

ok.....i found out the track names (thanks to
phobiazero)..but i dont understand why the pics are related
to the songs..
and i found the one song (#10 i believe) that is the last
song on an ambient compilation...the name again of the


Richard on 2001-04-16 11:03 [#00003544]

i dunno about track 10 on any compilation, but track 1 cd2
(blue calx)
is on some comp. , can't be bothered to remember the name


crapnose from Montreal on 2001-04-17 02:42 [#00003595]

it's too bad that the absolute best song on SAWII isn't even
on the US CD release: Stone in Focus. grab a hold of this
track and never let go! It is unbelievable. Ten minutes of
pure, absolute musical bliss.


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-17 09:22 [#00003614]

the pictures on the sawII album: each pic is a different
song, and the pic is basically a slice of pie with an area
equal to the songs time length in ratio to the length of
time of the entire album (or perhaps just that disc). And
yes, stone in focus is beautiful. i'm so glad that i came
across it one day. What is with rdj and songs with the
'stone' name in it... like for ambient songs...


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