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old viddy ?'s, now in dolby 5.1

d0wner from ca on 2001-04-15 04:29 [#00003493]

ok, these questions have probably been asked, but i'm new
here, so bear with me.
1) why does the ventolin vid have no sound? and
2) the come to daddy vid seems to cut off...dosn't include
the scene with the guy screaming at the old lady. file size
is 8.1 megs, anyone else had this poblem? any help is
appreciated, thanks


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-15 06:05 [#00003498]

1 - When I watched the Ventolin Video it has sound so I
2. The come To daddy vid cuts short for everyone. I don't
know why though , ask Phobiazero.. he runs the place pretty


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-15 06:06 [#00003499]

Oh and also.. you can just buy the Come To Viddy Collection,
and the Windowlicker Video TApe set thing. I did. And Its
great!. The only downfall is neither of them have Ventolin,
but oh well!


Ross from Can. on 2001-04-15 08:13 [#00003501]

i have the come to daddy video on my computer in a windows
media file, it's about 50 megs


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-15 08:37 [#00003502]

Yah thats what I figured it would be around.. for sure.
Although its great to own the videos.. hmm hm. Oh yeah.


d0wner from ca on 2001-04-15 18:56 [#00003517]

thanks for the help...are the videos in print or am i damned
to look on ebay?


RECYCLE from lincoln,ne on 2001-04-15 22:01 [#00003522]

if anybodyu needs either "the home vidoe item" or
"windowlicker" the record stores still have
them.........they are about $10.00 each plus shipping & send
me a cdr w/ some kool music :0).


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