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Too Many Septics?

derrik griffiths from GB on 2001-04-13 15:24 [#00003384]

I think there are too many septics on this message board,
talkin bollox just cos they have just found Aphex twin!.

anyone agree?, or wanna retaliate?


Gary from Ireland on 2001-04-13 15:57 [#00003385]

Think you on to something there
messagebords ant the net is a model
for septics. calming down is a must!


CyberPfunk from Japan on 2001-04-13 17:06 [#00003391]

Racism in all it's wonder.


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-04-13 18:12 [#00003396]

Septics ?


griffiths from middle mongolia on 2001-04-13 19:05 [#00003397]

yeah, you know, septic tanks - yanks innit. im not racist
honest, i love the septics.


D-Hex from KC Missouri on 2001-04-13 19:10 [#00003399]

Nah, i disagree. Ive loved aphex for about 3 years since
after I saw Come to Daddy and have bought all the albums I
could find. The internet wasnt all that popular back then
so it was a little more difficult to find information on
things. Ive always hated the term newbie because a newbie
is really just someone trying to learn more about something
they are interested in but not totally informed on it. So i
say bring em on!


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-13 20:52 [#00003404]

Yah.. for sure disagree... Because you all were once a
newbie.. I may not be a newbie to Aphex Twin... but I sure
like it when someone askes me about his music or something
related to Him. Newbie.. whatever, thats a stupid term.


Ross from Can. on 2001-04-13 21:11 [#00003405]

i would agree in ways sometimes, but it's good to inform new
people on aphex..I remember when i first loved the music,
and helping someone else is just a good thing


Joyce Barber on 2001-04-14 01:42 [#00003417]

You wankers.
You elitist buch of asses!!! Especially REFLEX or whatever
the fuck he calls himself.
Suck another carrot you asshead.LOL


CyberPfunk from Japan on 2001-04-14 05:51 [#00003423]

Hey that sounds familier. I'm not racist I love(Insert
racial slur), they have such cute babies.
The Irish fella who originally agreed with you. What would
call him, a Mick? A 'Paddy'?
Just curious ...


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-14 17:46 [#00003441]

Joyce: Yeah... alright then. great.


D-Hex from KC Missouri on 2001-04-15 05:35 [#00003495]

Joyce has no reason to be hostile like she has been showing
the past couple days which leads me to believe that it is
richard himself in disguise!!!!!!!!!! hehehe, not really but
it would be funny and i could see that happening.


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-15 05:57 [#00003496]



Gary from Ireland on 2001-04-15 13:26 [#00003511]

You can call me Gary .cyberpfunk?
and i would rather be left of of the
racist talk.this is a music page.


griffiths from grompton on 2001-04-16 11:24 [#00003546]

i would call gary - gary, or i might call him gary glitter.
I have alot of irish friends and i call them english, they
fucking hate it!, hardy har.


Gary from Straight out a compton on 2001-04-16 14:26 [#00003552]

i love being called english it gives me
a semi-on :).. Griffiths...a good Irish
man had that name!


CyberPfunk from Japan on 2001-04-17 13:53 [#00003631]

Fair enough 'Gary' I'm sorry I couldn't remember your name
while I was typing my message, I apologize. But if you want
to be left out of the racist talks, tell me what is it that
you have against septics. As a race of people I mean.
Can't they enjoy the Aphex as well as you can? Are they
somehow not in touch with the British mindset behind RDJ?
BOLLUCKS! Good music is there for anyone to enjoy.

And as for Griffiths with the good Irish name, you just
can't help yourself can you.
"I'm not racist, I have lots of (insert various token
aquaintences) as friends, they love me and think I'm funny
when I call them (insert yet another racial slur)."
So what do you say then, are there too many septics on this
What's the verdict, Yes or No?
Gary? Griffiths? Anyone?
Could there possibly be, too many people from any country
enjoying the Aphex Twin?


Gary from from a hole on 2001-04-17 16:36 [#00003651]

Cyberpfunk: i believe everybody should
listen to all types of music.As for this
add racist slur your on about, i can see your point,but get
over it. From my
point of view accepting differences is a big must for all
societies and having a giggle about it on the way isn't
negative.If anything humour,for me, is one way people
nevagate difficult and taboo subjects.As for septics being a
race i believe they are an ethnic grouping


d. griffiths from greasy cafe on 2001-04-17 20:37 [#00003681]

Yep too many septics for sure cybergeegan (soz couldnt
remeber name) are you a septic by any chance?, cos you seem
to be getting rather vexed by this whole issue, did you get
teased at school?, relax for a bit mate, have a nice cup of
tea and a slice of cake, you'll feel loads better. Try and
hunt out that illusive sense of humour that you must have
hidden deep down there somewhere.

BTW i dont really consider Septic Tank a racial 'slur' as
you call it. Its cockney rhyming slang, like apples and
pears or battle cruiser or toe punt innit.

thats: stairs, boozer and cunt respectively


Gary from ireland on 2001-04-17 21:37 [#00003685]

do you know what the cockney slang
for brother is ive never heard it. The
best i can do is cows udder, but its not
up to much,sadly,i think


d. griffiths from Amsterdam on 2001-04-18 08:39 [#00003731]

I dont know one for brother, cows udder sounds good to me.


CyberPfunk from Japan on 2001-04-18 13:50 [#00003766]

To be honest I was just itching for a good argument.

Your original message asked for agreement or retaliation. I
did my best to retaliate. I mean come on you were asking
for it.

I understand your sense of humour, most of my friends here
in Japan are Brits. I try to keep them in line when it
comes to this kind of thing but it's cultural. Heaven
forbid I had ginger hair and lived in England. I hear all
this stuff like crusty/pikey/ginner/packy and I realize that
most of it is all in good fun but it still bothers me.
Especially when we are all Gaijin out here in Japan.
As for me I strive to be an individual, but so does
everybody else.
Oh well, I enjoyed wrestling with you guys.


d. griffiths from cake factory on 2001-04-18 18:28 [#00003802]

me too, we'll have to do it again some time, toe punt, :P


Gary from ireland on 2001-04-18 19:24 [#00003814]

disagree and doubt everything is a
great policy..Fairplay i came close to an apology. im going
out with a 2ltr of cider in a field to celebrate... + maybe
have a go on a cow :)


d. griffiths from toilet on 2001-04-18 19:28 [#00003816]

knakker drinkin!!


Debbs from Ireland on 2001-07-03 23:11 [#00012092]

Aphex twin is the best!


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-04 14:51 [#00012251]

whats the worst thing about being a child
getting the blood out of your clown suit!


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