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I heard this great song you guys might like...

CheezenVeggies from Florida on 2001-04-11 21:21 [#00003200]

Zunata Darius Gaiden- Tranquilizers

If anybody gets it, tell me if you like it. I think its a
pretty good song


CheezenVeggies from Florida, U.S. on 2001-04-15 22:21 [#00003523]

just thought i'd mention it again...its a good ambient
techno song i think everybody will like


Joyeboy from California on 2001-04-17 21:32 [#00003684]

Eh?? Isn't that music from the video game "Darius Gaiden"??
That came out for the Sega Saturn years ago, and yes, the
music was pretty good. Zuntata is the group(?) who
writes/wrote a lot of Taito's music (the game company that
makes Darius games).


CheezenVeggies from Florida, U.S. on 2001-04-17 21:58 [#00003686]

yeah its from a game...i d/l it on napster by chance...that
song Tranquilizer has just an awesome offbeat ambient rhythm
to it


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