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Universal Indicator turns my complexion red.

Xylem001 from USA on 2001-04-09 13:13 [#00002968]

Can someone help me! I have been slaving over .txt files
and different interent sites over the tracklisting of
Universal Indicator Red. Through the treachery of Napster,
i have found files in different places on the record,
different lengths of songs, etc. If anyone can tell me the
deal with this record, i and many other AFX Junkies would be


nano from malmö/sweden on 2001-04-09 13:55 [#00002969]

Take a look at in the articles section, someone
wrote an article about the universal indicator series with
tracklisting and stuff and the connections to RDJ.


null on 2001-04-10 04:42 [#00003017] has a complete tracklisting of everything


[REFLEX] from Canada on 2001-04-10 04:46 [#00003019]

UI RED and UI GREEN are not totally done by RDJ. Im not sure
if GREEN even has any AFX at all on it. Maybe?. But Im sure
that red only has a few tracks that AFX did.


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