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dont fuct with me

recycle from drukqs on 2001-10-01 21:52 [#00038205]

what a great name..........very funny.....


Barrett, Syd from T Dot on 2001-10-01 21:56 [#00038208]

So, can i resume giving you money?


recycle from drukqs on 2001-10-01 22:02 [#00038212]

syd- is that you with another name ??
i think its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah keep the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ coming


Barrett, Syd from T Dot on 2001-10-01 23:33 [#00038220]

no it's not mine. i don't have many regular other names....

who the fuck ok'd a abba musical?


don't fuck with me on 2001-10-02 10:36 [#00038349]

all i ask is just that youz people don't fuck with me....
what the fuck is this? eh? eh? eh?
you think i give a shit if you think my name is cool? eh?
hey, fuck you you mother fucker!


Don't Treat Me Like A Bi`eatch on 2001-10-02 11:12 [#00038350]

Hey, fuck you, bitch.


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