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Aphex Twin

-- from ---- on 2001-09-17 18:08 [#00033037]

Selected Ambient Works Vol. II
Disk 1, Track 4 "Grass"

Amazingly good.


Trix Rabbit: armed and dangerous from will kill anything in his path for trix on 2001-09-17 18:43 [#00033056]

I just heard that one, it's pretty nice. I think my favorite
on both cd's is disk 1: song 8. That heavy bassed melody is
smooth, and the weird cymbols really add to it, and the
drums too. It's one of the more musical off the albums.


thanksomuch from anti-nazi & bad things ville on 2001-09-17 18:44 [#00033057]

i think i have to go look that one up again...


A Polar Bear from Alaska on 2001-09-17 20:39 [#00033096]

ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!


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