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bouncing ball formula???

rob aka bucephalus from australia on 2001-04-03 02:18 [#00002387]

does anyone know the formula used for the bouncing sound in
bucephalus bouncing ball? 'cos i've tried exponentials and
squares and analog bouncing but nothing comes close...


allon flifeton from outer mongolia on 2001-04-03 08:32 [#00002409]



wizard mac from soda on 2001-04-03 10:37 [#00002412]

what software or something do you use with that formula?


allon flifeton from a boring shitty job on 2001-04-03 10:44 [#00002413]

Word 97


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-04-03 18:13 [#00002439]

easy as poop, just half the time after every fall and hit


fat fero from Dublin, Ireland on 2001-04-03 18:16 [#00002440]

i dont get it. the formula on word for the sample? please


hevquip from somewhere in the u.s. on 2001-04-03 18:31 [#00002442]

i can do it on my mc 303 with the arpeggiator.


fat fero from Dublin, Ireland on 2001-04-03 19:55 [#00002445]

im way behind in all this im sure i wouldnt even understand
the simplest of whats going on. how do i learn? where do i


Id Lab on 2001-04-03 20:51 [#00002454]

ff - someone's taking the piss.

Have you tried doing it by ear, using some kind of hardware
sequencer with a tempo control? Or maybe you should actually
bounce a rubber ball on a drum pad, that seems the most
true-to-life way.


hAnkyPhexTwin from Tucson, AZ on 2001-04-03 20:56 [#00002455]

Can I use Works?


ƒ(x) from woods on 2001-04-03 21:02 [#00002457]

I beleive it's actually a marble bouncing on a tile floor,
sampled. I dropped one in the bathtub and it makes almost
the same sound. Or use a steel ball bearing.

The formula is quite accurate as well.

----> "The near-field acoustics of my head are fantastic."


allon flifeton from a boring shitty job from hell on 2001-04-04 09:04 [#00002512]

Works should be ok


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-04-04 10:34 [#00002525]

easy as poop, just half the time after every fall and hit,
Need I say it again -


al en flif ten from group melon on 2001-04-04 11:03 [#00002526]

no i understand


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-04 11:53 [#00002527]

hrm.. well Glitch, are you absoloutly sure about that?
because if it is a sample of a metal ball bouncing on a tile
floor, then the moment of imapct would have to follow
physics... shit, i can't remember how to do it, but I
remember doing it in AP physics my senior year in high
school. we had to calculate when the ball would hit the
ground each time... and i don't think that each interval was
half that of the previous interval... shit.. i can't
remember... any physicists in the house?


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-04-04 12:31 [#00002535]

Damnit, I cant remember its not half its like 2/3rds or
something, I cant remember, Ill try and find the old song I
had it in and then Ill tell ya


Id Lab on 2001-04-04 20:40 [#00002567]

Doesn't it depend on the materials?


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-04 21:01 [#00002571]

if you are to the rate at which the ball bounces... then
yes. the same amount of energy is involved (assuming both
balls have the same inertia), but different materials would
cause different sounds, and different sounds release
different amounts of energy, thus affecting how high the
ball would bounce, and the interval, bla bla bla


AFXDUB from Canada on 2001-04-05 04:02 [#00002605]

I really thought it was a steel bearing dropping on a steel
surface from a height of about 5 feet. then the tempo was
played with.. on a computer obviously.


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-05 22:52 [#00002666]

i looked up Bucephalus... it's the name of Alexander the
Great's War Horse.

So it's probably the sound of a horse's balls bouncing.


AFXDUB from Canada on 2001-04-05 23:05 [#00002674]

Yeah i knew that about the horse..... ha. the name i meant..
not the balls bouncing.. i think someone has smoked too much
weed today!.. xepha?.


XePhA88 from San Jose, CA on 2001-04-05 23:10 [#00002682]

HAHAHA. actually no, i just finished my a paper for biology,
so i'm all happy. but i'm goin back to work for a coupla
hours to make some money


AFXDUB from Canada on 2001-04-05 23:13 [#00002684]

No huh? Well.. damnit man. Well i just got home from school
and im about to get some work done for a client.. on some
logos and such!. So... now youve got me thinking about
horses balls... SICK


hevquip from horse's foot on 2001-04-06 20:01 [#00002839]

speaking of romans and their horses, have you ever heard of
caligula? when he was emperor, he made his horse a consul.
the roman empire began to go down hill around those times


XePhA88 from san jose, ca on 2001-04-06 20:03 [#00002840]

yeah, all those dumbasses in europe were all morons back in
those days. the chinese had it goin' on with confucianism,
daoism, and buddhism. sure they had their corrupt emporers,
but they always soon lost their mandate of heaven


kidtrash from santa fe, Nm on 2001-04-06 21:32 [#00002841]

caligula also shagged his horse and held massive orgies in
the palace. After these ogies he'd have his army kill all of
the participants. Usually while they were still engaged in
drunken sex.


XePhA88 from san jose, ca on 2001-04-06 21:40 [#00002842]

yeah, but what a way to go: drunk while having sex! man,
life musta really sucked back then.. i mean.. no computers..
no aphex twin... uhhHHhhh AHHH!!! i don't want to think
about it... hrmm well then again... instead of computers
and twin... they had drunken sex all the time... hrmmm..

yeah, i think all euopean rulers when loony. they'd drink
their wine out of lead cups=lead poisoning=coockoo for
coconuts=killing drunks having sex=bucephalus bouncing

tee heee


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