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54 cymru beats

((>e.V.o.L.u.M.e<)) from cold and balmy seattle on 2001-09-06 03:36 [#00029743]

hey did anyone notice that this track has some of the
samples from "formula" on the windowlicker single?
maybe somebody already mentioned this and i wasn't paying


Aron? from Canada on 2001-09-06 03:46 [#00029747]

people on Joyrex have been saying that, but I've never
noticed the samples myself.


((>e.V.o.L.u.M.e<)) from cold and balmy seattle on 2001-09-06 04:16 [#00029760]

i've only really noticed 2. one is a sort of bink noize and
the other sounds like that kfuk kfuk kfuk sound towards the
end of formula. (do you like my phonetics?)


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-09-06 06:11 [#00029788]

I noticed them the first time I listened to it.. weird.


f.l.e.a from NewZoo on 2001-09-06 07:48 [#00029796]

yeah I mentioned it on one of my very first posts on this
board:)..the whole "phuck..phuck..phuck"..thing from might be his way of picking up the thread where
he left of last...a continuity of themes of sorts


\/\/ooƒer_Attack² from Milan on 2001-09-06 09:09 [#00029802]

54 cymru beats is the only one song I listened from drukQs
and it doesn't impress me very much, it's too similiar to
equation style, it's a good song but nothing more.
I hope the other songs of drukQs aren't like this, I hope
they will be more originals, experimentals and innovatives.



Dodecha from Norway on 2001-09-06 15:26 [#00029843]

Yeah, i noticed the same samples.....


dirty little bitch on 2001-09-06 15:50 [#00029846]

it's the bollocks - it sure makes me dance around like a
spastic loony case.


Freefone from Scotland on 2001-09-06 18:41 [#00029870]

maybe they're top secret hidden stereograph image things,
and that's why they sound like equation samples


LeMoN on 2001-09-06 20:41 [#00029880]

Same here, i noticed 54 cymru beats has quite a few samples,
from equation and some where else, cant quite put my finger
on it...Actually, 54 cymru beats is a really cool song, so
fucking crazy, at first i thought it was boring but it
sounded much better when i downloaded it off soulseek then
off this site, there seems to be 3 types of songs on this
album, short skit ones with a single instrument i.e. piano,
the super spastic songs i.e. 54 cymru beats, and then songs
that remind me more of typical aphex i.e. bbhyonchord...54
cymru beats and cock-ver10 are my two fav spastic songs on
the album...


Sido Dyas on 2001-09-07 00:06 [#00029915]

To me it sounds like "tack "
It's swedish for thank you or thank's.
Richard have some friends in sweden and by the time
windowlicker was about to be released he was in sweden
snowboarding and i was at the same location at the same time
skiing but had no idea he was there.AAAARGH! i could have
gotten his autograf or something.


rF from tafe on 2001-09-07 06:39 [#00029961]

sounds like 'huck' to me ][]0-]-]-0]-0]


Dirty Priest from Denmark on 2001-09-08 13:03 [#00030197]

Tak... not pronounced like that at all!


Quadrapelegicrobotikev from ardmore on 2001-09-08 15:52 [#00030203]

who gives a fuck about petty samples, why do you focus on
the music so much?
Just enjoy it and endure its power!


((>e V o L u M e<)) from seattle washington U.S.a on 2001-09-09 01:30 [#00030316]

we gives a fuck.
part of the fun IS focusing on the music.


offline Combo from Sex on 2006-03-12 16:24 [#01858647]
Points: 7525 Status: Regular

listening to this track right now, very awesome !!
especially when the harsh sounds come =)


offline oscillik from the fires of orc on 2006-03-12 16:32 [#01858654]
Points: 7746 Status: Regular | Followup to Combo: #01858647

if you mean those sounds near the end, i fucking LOVE that



offline pigster from melbs on 2006-03-12 17:43 [#01858671]
Points: 4480 Status: Lurker

yeah. maybe the track takes time i cant remember, but the
metal part at the end is fucken sweet... and well. nothing
like equation : )


offline evolume from seattle (United States) on 2006-03-12 20:42 [#01858737]
Points: 10965 Status: Regular

wow, this thread is hella old. wow. i'm hella old.


offline evolume from seattle (United States) on 2006-03-12 20:44 [#01858738]
Points: 10965 Status: Regular | Followup to evolume: #01858737

look how i used to spell my name because i was so L337.


offline pigster from melbs on 2006-03-12 20:58 [#01858743]
Points: 4480 Status: Lurker

hehe. look how everyone used to spell their name.
we are idm peoples. we are very advanced peoples.



offline evolume from seattle (United States) on 2006-03-12 21:00 [#01858744]
Points: 10965 Status: Regular | Followup to pigster: #01858743

i remember starting this account just because i got tired of
typing all those extra characters.


offline pigster from melbs on 2006-03-12 21:07 [#01858746]
Points: 4480 Status: Lurker

makes sense.
unless woofer has a special keyboard or something. hed have
to open up character map to get the ²


offline John IX from Near Dublin (Ireland) on 2006-03-13 10:56 [#01859029]
Points: 109 Status: Regular

54 has the 'puck' sample from Equation, as well as a sample
from an old arcade game called Berzerk that says: "Stop the
humanoid, stop the intruder"or something.


offline elusive from detroit (United States) on 2006-03-13 13:16 [#01859061]
Points: 18357 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

luke vibert samples it as well


offline pigster from melbs on 2006-03-13 19:35 [#01859314]
Points: 4480 Status: Lurker | Followup to elusive: #01859061

i remember fsol.. as well?


offline Oddioblender from Fort Worth, TX (United States) on 2006-03-14 13:00 [#01859773]
Points: 9601 Status: Lurker

this is easily one of my favorite tracks on drukqs.
especially the last minute or so of it.

gummi bear....gummi bear....


offline elusive from detroit (United States) on 2006-03-14 13:09 [#01859784]
Points: 18357 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

pappy bear
mummy bear


offline DaggerHappy from Australia on 2006-03-14 17:13 [#01859991]
Points: 662 Status: Lurker


isn't it "once upon a time there were three bears, papa
bear, mama bear"

i don't know, you are all retardos.


offline DaggerHappy from Australia on 2006-03-14 17:18 [#01860000]
Points: 662 Status: Lurker

it also dial tone sounds. and stakker humanoid samples.
sometimes i doubt whether you lot actually listen to the
music you talk about.


offline Lafarge on 2006-03-14 17:43 [#01860011]
Points: 15 Status: Lurker

i always assumed he just used the same program that he used
for equation as a filter in a layer in the song? it would
make more sense to use samples tho


offline oscillik from the fires of orc on 2006-03-14 17:46 [#01860012]
Points: 7746 Status: Regular | Followup to DaggerHappy: #01860000

don't read everything you read


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