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Dont Read This

offline C738 from Outer Space on 2002-12-08 15:15 [#00473329]
Points: 1722 Status: Regular

Well, now that you DID read this, think about, and if you
want to, answer the following questions:
Why did you read this post?
Did it make you more curious?
Why are the things not allowed more interesting?
And why do I allways get socks for Xmas?


offline Binaural Tea from Christmas City (Christmas Island) on 2002-12-08 15:16 [#00473334]
Points: 1912 Status: Lurker

1. Because the topic made me curious.
2. Yes
3. Because they make stuff happen.
4. Because theyre cheap.


offline spoonz from Edmonton, AB (Canada) on 2002-12-08 15:17 [#00473337]
Points: 3219 Status: Regular

1. i'm bored out of my mind.
2. of course
3. they just are.
4. everyone needs sox.


offline uzim on 2002-12-08 15:21 [#00473346]
Points: 17716 Status: Lurker

Why are the things not allowed more interesting?

> i think that people (or our capacities or whatever it is)
who forbid us things, or urge us not to do things, etc. make
us feel somewhat inferior to them, because we obey them...
and by our disobedience, we feel like we're as strong as
them or stronger as them, we don't have to do what they told
us. makes us feel stronger, more free.



offline uzim on 2002-12-08 15:22 [#00473350]
Points: 17716 Status: Lurker

(because we obey them = if we obey them)


offline flea from depths of your mind (New Zealand) on 2002-12-08 15:22 [#00473351]
Points: 9083 Status: Regular

what makes you think I read it..I just came straight down
and replied as per instructions :)


offline str_ph from Cambridge (United Kingdom) on 2002-12-08 15:28 [#00473361]
Points: 779 Status: Regular

I though you were one of those premium members and you did
post a porn pic.


offline jupitah from Minneapolis (United States) on 2002-12-08 15:29 [#00473364]
Points: 3489 Status: Lurker

this is the topic where the true rebels hang out.


offline C738 from Outer Space on 2002-12-08 15:31 [#00473371]
Points: 1722 Status: Regular

"damn we're cool... we have beards!"
-"yeah, cool uh-huh huh"
"You wanna stroke my beard? uh-huh huh huh"


offline aron from saskatoon (Canada) on 2002-12-08 15:33 [#00473373]
Points: 3756 Status: Lurker

damn i'm smooth


offline uzim on 2002-12-08 15:35 [#00473377]
Points: 17716 Status: Lurker

whoa, have you got morse code on your face, aron?!


offline wayout from the street of crocodiles on 2002-12-08 19:39 [#00473607]
Points: 2849 Status: Lurker

well if were told not to do something without a good
explaination why not... were going to do it to find out why
were not supposed to do it..
because usually things that people make a point of telling
others not to do..are either dangerous, fun or interesting

and as for socks for christmas.. i think its a good thing..
theyre cheap gifts of course.. but you have to get them at
some point.. and would you rather spend your own money on
such things when you can get them for free?


offline Iroel from Pisa (Italy) on 2002-12-08 20:34 [#00473686]
Points: 1129 Status: Regular

because I wanted to see what I'm not supposed to read...


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