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concerning the squarepusher cancellation:

ded_zero from kenosha wisconsin on 2001-08-11 01:35 [#00020992]

i don't know if its just mbut i'd rahter see squarepusher
with plaid and mira calix then a show without him at all.
this relly sucks, but i will still go.....


bepmep from u.s. on 2001-08-11 01:44 [#00020994]

i went to the 'squarepusher' show (obviously without him) in
portland, or last night. and it fucking sucked. fuck plaid.
i was so dissapointed that he wasnt there.we dont get too
many good shows here, so for that to get fucked up just
sucks. sorry to everyone who didnt get to see him in other


The Grey Gentleman from Eugene, Oregon on 2001-08-11 03:20 [#00020997]

Yeah, I went to the Portland show last night, too. I thought
Plaid was good, they just didn't seem like my kind of thing.
Still not sure if it was worth going or not (no knock on
mira or plaid).

Wasn't really impressed with Mira Calix, but she had her
moments. I don't know her, and I haven't heard any of her
music prior, but she seemed like a novelty thing ("female
aphex twin"). Maybe they should've teamed with Rephlex and
sent a non-novelty like the lovely Lektrogirl ( :-P ). I
didn't get a sense of emotion from her set at all. I would
love to get the DATs of her set, though, and remix them into
beautiful melody-laden ham-doggies.

I think the highlights of the evening were:
- Cheap bottled water
- The cute, ackward and alone ;-| girl with pigtails who
graciously saved my spot for me whilst I went to hose down
(It was f'in hot). Unfortunately, I was pissy because it was
- The nice 2 hour late night drive home listening to the
Stockhausen Helicopter album doing large 100mph spurts and
watching for cops.


ded zero from kenosha wi on 2001-08-11 08:09 [#00021017]

man i really hope the shows good, because last time i was at
the venue where plaid is playing, autechre did a crummy


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