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First Step

sepix from european realm on 2001-08-09 23:25 [#00020822]

I wanna make music by myself so i`m playing with fruity
loops. but i can`t find any good tutorial ! someone knows
any good tutorials to audio apps on the net ? the onnly
thing i found is this :
and that`s quite short...


od from perth on 2001-08-10 01:54 [#00020852]

if you trust me
i made a .zip file with a (sort of) drill n bass tutorial on
it (to send around tefosav originaly)
its nto a step by step so much as a .flp file with a few
drill drum patterns on it, so oyu have to look at it and
sorta do a BIt of figuring out for yourself....
but its ok.


sepix from european realm on 2001-08-10 02:06 [#00020854]

uuhh, this`d be fine ! this is what i did until now but the
demos that come with fruity are not ideal for our music
taste ;)
the other problem is the lack of hardware. so i think fruity
loops is the best and simplest software to do some first
Are there any other Appz that can be used by a Newbee ?


Barrett, Syd from Toronto on 2001-08-10 02:10 [#00020855]

i love that program. got it a while ago...
takes a while to learn it, but you don't really need to
bother with tutorials. it's pretty simple stuff once you get
the hang of it.

if you want to make longer drum patterns, go to the piano

learn the playlist well.
each track is just that. a track. try to stick to only one
thing with each track. you know, drum pattern #1, or flute
line #2.

that's the two main things you gotta know, and you're set.


sepix from european realm on 2001-08-10 02:29 [#00020856]

well yeah, i figured that out ... not very well but i come
along with the piano role and stuff - but i don`t like the
synth thing; maybe I´m too stupid the only thing i achieve
is destroying the whole sample :D maybe time will help...

btw. - od - as usual it took me some time to check it`s you
on my Winamp Playlist making that superb sound. which tools
do you use ?



od_work from perth on 2001-08-10 06:40 [#00020870]

i just use fruityloops
and various VST plugins
and i make soudnbs on other stuff like drumsynth and
simsynth 2 etc etc
cheers :)


Transmission from Holland. Yeah! on 2001-08-10 07:11 [#00020871]

Does anybody know how to change te pattern length? It has a
standard length of 16. How to make it 32?


al>< from dublin on 2001-08-10 10:05 [#00020895]

go to [sound settings] in [options]. and scroll the little
bar from 16 to 32 and robert's your fathers brother


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