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inspired by squarepusher

thorpe from aus on 2001-08-09 15:20 [#00020722]

i have a new trak inspired by a night of witnessing
squarepusher in sydney recently...check it!
play - est.asx

down -



al>< from dublin on 2001-08-09 15:32 [#00020724]

(no frigging soundcard in work!)

do you remember the tune he finished up with? in dublin it
was 'cmon my selector' cos i think he heard me shout up
'come to fucking daddy'....he's an intense dude! 'i
wish you could talk'


map[warp/rephlex-aholic] from CH - Mulligan on 2001-08-09 15:58 [#00020734]

erm actually i'm behind a firewall and can't download the
track.....but d'you only used madtracker for this track ?


thorpe from aus on 2001-08-09 18:31 [#00020779]

yeah, i sequence the whole thing in madtracker. then export
each trak into a sepperate wav and take that into sonic
foundrys vegaspro, add fx and bits and pieces, then mix the
whole thing to one stereo trak and take that to
soundforge...compress and release


map from CH on 2001-08-09 20:45 [#00020809]

the track is the shit man! really my taste!

any hardware for this track ? u used madtracker for
sequencing no? some triggering to sampler/synthesizer ?

it sounds really great!!


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