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Right, here's what I'm doing...

geonime from geoworld on 2001-08-09 09:51 [#00020618]

I'm downloading various drumloops from the internet,
importing them to cakewalk and cutting them up into tiny
peices, putting them back together as new beats. It's
fucking difficult, though. Is there a good technique for
doing it, or does it just come from practice?


aav from Sweden on 2001-08-09 09:54 [#00020622]

ReCycle is a good tool for doing the cutting, but maybe
you\'re asking how to put them together into interesting
loops. I\'d say forget about rules and just practice until
you get something interesting.


Sound Assassin from Wales on 2001-08-09 10:01 [#00020625]

Soundforge is also useful for that kinda disecting and
re-forming + it has lottsa effects and stuff to fuk your
beatz up even more.


geonime from geoworld on 2001-08-09 10:09 [#00020630]

I know piracy is theft, and all that, but where can I get
ReCycle for free?


Wizards Teeth from Parsnip Land on 2001-08-09 10:10 [#00020631]

it is easy to seperate loops into different sections using
cool edit pro

i agree with rules

imagine if there were rules, it would be shit, music for


geonime from geoworld on 2001-08-09 10:16 [#00020636]

How long does it take you all to make songs? Do you slave
away at them for months, or just quickly throw them together
in days?


Sound Assassin from Underwater on 2001-08-09 10:53 [#00020645]

Slaving for months in a dark dank corner of my studio,
eating nothing but pot noodles, staring at a cpu
screen-fukking my eyes up and ignoring the missus! Life is


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