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A New Direction

rob from portreath - cornwall on 2001-08-08 21:00 [#00020477]

Does anyone think that this site should start embracing
other artists a lot more and not just showcase Aphex?

Or should it stay an Aphex obsessed site?


----- from ----- on 2001-08-08 21:11 [#00020479]

I think a site very much linked to this side would present
unsigned artists, and not unserious kids fooling around, but
a more arranged thingie. BTW check out:

I´m a pain in the arse, i know. Cheers.


Xanatos from NYC on 2001-08-08 21:23 [#00020484]

Nah I dont think so, I think it should stay Aphex
Focused...I have no problem with him linking the site to
other artists fansites like or joyrex but this
site is pretty all encompasing on RDJ. it takes a lot of
work and the more focused the content is the more accurate
and complete it will be. The messageboard can, and is used
for discussions of other unisigned and warp artists.


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-08-08 21:49 [#00020495]

we talked about this exact same thing quite a while ago
here, i doubt that anyone would have enough time to do such
a thing. possible you could have a bunch of artists, such as
this one have community pages. as being a part of a
community together. But...


Organ Grinder from my own little fantasy world on 2001-08-08 21:53 [#00020498]

i've been wanting to start a braindance / idm (yes i know
you hate that term reflex) community type page but first i
need more info on other idm musicians first.....

i'm probably going to use Brinkster.


The Grey Gentleman from Eugene, Oregon on 2001-08-08 22:28 [#00020509]

It should probably be whatever the owner wants it to be ;-|

I still don't know what IDM is, heh (please do not bother


m....M..Mw )wW(m M m)Ww( wM..M....m on 2001-08-08 23:45 [#00020524]

The main function of the site is to provide information
about aphex twin. It is an aphex twin site. But people
interested in weird music are probably interested in other
weird music by other people. I certainly am.


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-08-09 04:29 [#00020575]

Rob: just go to (built by ID Lab as a way
for unsigned artists to be put on to a centralized site so
people can find out about them :) check it out.


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