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Brian Eno

Organ Grinder from from my own little fantasy world on 2001-08-08 19:33 [#00020454]

I just bought a cd by Brian Eno -- Ambient #1, Music for
Airports. It's fucking beautiful, and if you like the more
ambient Aphex material, then ENo is the way to go....

Wasn't Eno one of Aphex's influences?

anyways, he also used pics (somewhat) as the titles of his
tracks on his cd --- and the music is quite minimalistic --
but achingly beautiful.


Mr Biffo on 2001-08-08 19:46 [#00020457]

When SAWII was released, a lot of people were saying that it
was obviously heavily influenced by Eno, but RDJ later
claimed that he hadn't heard any Eno until after the album
was released.


Organ Grinder from from my own little fantasy world on 2001-08-08 19:51 [#00020460]

oh i see.

anyways, Eno is really influencing me. Anyone have any other
albums to suggest by him?


Mr Biffo on 2001-08-08 20:03 [#00020465]

Ambient 4 is second best (after Ambient 1) in my opinion.


Kenchie on 2001-08-08 20:08 [#00020467]

Any of his Ambient stuff is woth getting. He invented the
term, by the way!


Organ Grinder from my own little fantasy world on 2001-08-08 21:29 [#00020489]

sounds good. thanx for the direction.


grant from uk on 2001-08-09 00:10 [#00020541]

apollo is brilliant
my fave is the shutov assembly
films is good too


The Grey Gentleman from Eugene, Oregon on 2001-08-09 00:37 [#00020543]

Get Plateaux also, damnit! Hrm, just checked, looks like
Amazon doesn't carry it. Maybe it's not buyable anymore.

I have it on vinyl, got it in a used record store a long
time ago, maybe I should MP3 it and post it somewhere.

I also have My Life In the Bush Of Ghosts that he did with
David Byrne. Almost as good.

Would anyone be interested in Plateaux?


D U S T from I O W A on 2001-08-09 03:29 [#00020569]

organ grinder,

all right, here is what I think you should pick up first
1)ambient 4 onland
3)music for films
these are the first three plus music for airports that I
heard first. All are records you can treasure for life.

if you like what you hear then get

the pearl(4) by eno and harold budd as well as thursday
afternoon(5),these are great records to sleep to, however I
don't mean to imply that they are boring.

eno's discreet music(6) is also really interesting. the
rest of them I really enjoy are these

cluster and eno
ambient 3 day of radiance(produced by eno)
ambient 2 plateaux of mirror with harold budd

after the heat (eno, moebius,roedelius)

begegnungen (same as above only with Plank)

shutov assembly as someone mentioned earlier is really good,
somewhat spooky though.

Neroli is good. very little change, good to study to

hybrid by michael brook and eno, lanois is worth picking

check out another green world if you want to hear what eno's
vocals sound like. it's a good mix between his pop stuff and
his ambient works.

as far as a few other artists to try

pete namlook, bill laswell, and tetsu inoue are really
interesting. be warned though, they have alot of stuff much
of it is out of print goes for a pretty penny on ebay.

hope this helps


Arch Rival from NY on 2001-08-09 10:58 [#00020646]

Music For Arirports is DOPE!!


phiz from Amsterdam on 2001-08-09 11:42 [#00020658]

Another Green World and Here come the warm jets are two
fantastic albums by eno, check them out.


Arch Rival from NY on 2001-08-09 12:58 [#00020674]

David Bowies - Heroes is pretty good.


Sound Assassin from Patent Office UK on 2001-08-09 13:32 [#00020678]

Eno's "prophecy theme" for the Dune soundtrak is also worth
a listen.


map[warp/rephlex-aholic] from CH - Mulligan on 2001-08-09 13:49 [#00020683]

i0ve found many albuums from him:
Ambient 1 - Music For Airports
Ambient 2 - Plateux
Ambient 4 - On Land
Another Green World
Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks
Before And After Science
Begegnungen 2
Brian Eno 1
Brian Eno 2
Cool August Moon
Desert Island - More
Discret Music
Drawn From Life
Eno 1 - Box
Fourth World 1
Here Come The Warm
In A Land Of Clear
Music Films 3
Music For Films
Nerve Net
No Land
No Pussy
Sonora - Portraits 1
Taking Tiger Mountain
Thursday Afternoon

so i'll order ambiet 1 - 3
if you need more about Brain Eno & Co. ,
buy the book "ocean of sound" really interested about this
music, afx included :)


map[warp/rephlex-aholic] from CH - Mulligan on 2001-08-09 13:49 [#00020684]

there are singles, too, sorry


walt from europe on 2001-08-09 16:02 [#00020736]

i'm not sure that eno invented the term 'ambient music'.
erik satie composed (in 1919 i guess) a kind of first
ambient pieces which he called 'musique d'ameublement' -
ambient music.


walt from europe on 2001-08-09 16:03 [#00020737]

and i read, too, that gavin bryars was a teacher of eno. gb
is an expert on satie.


map[warp/rephlex-aholic] from CH - Mulligan on 2001-08-09 16:09 [#00020740]

muzak, too, no ?


walt from europe on 2001-08-09 16:26 [#00020745]

it's funny, satie intended the pieces as 'aural wallpaper'.
at the concert of the the pieces he thought that the
audience would stand up from their seats and talk - the
people should not conciously listen to the music, but they
did. They sat in their seats as in any other concert and
satie was furious. weird type, le monsieur sadi. but he did
not invent the term muzak, i guess. i don't know who
invented the term.


4 on 2001-08-09 17:21 [#00020765]

I highly reccomend "Another Green World" and "Before and
After Science" for a good balance between Eno's ambient and
rock-oriented sides. As for his purely ambient releases, I
reccomend "Music For Films" (my personal favorite) and
Ambient 1 and 4.


map[warp/rephlex-aholic] from CH - Mulligan on 2001-08-09 17:24 [#00020766]

whats about the "no pussy" ? heh


Organ Grinder from my own little fantasy world on 2001-08-09 18:33 [#00020780]

wow.... i'd better save up some money. thanx for the advice,
DUST and everyone else..... sounds great.

i'm just glad i could discover such an excellent musician.


Kenchie on 2001-08-09 19:07 [#00020792]

Eno claimed to have invented the term Ambient Music in the
sleeve notes of one of his LP's - I forget which one, and
can't be bothered to look!
Anyway, I believe him 'cos he's a clever bloke!!


Kenchie on 2001-08-09 19:08 [#00020793]

No Pussy = No Pussyfooting (with Robert Fripp)


thanksomuch from over there on 2001-08-09 20:08 [#00020800]

Organ Grinder: my fave album he did was with David Byrne,
called "My life In The Bush Of Ghosts". I suggest you get


Barrett, Syd from Toronto on 2001-08-09 20:34 [#00020806]

check out Neu!

eno was a big fan of them.

eno took alot from them.


The Grey Gentleman from Eugene, Oregon on 2001-08-09 23:17 [#00020820]

Anyone else notice how startling close #4 on Music For
Airports is to Cylob's Cylobian Sunset. Though, I favor
Cylob's track to it, it's still quite good.


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