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Real Audio

sepix from european realm on 2001-08-07 23:11 [#00020338]

The Songs here on this page are all available in *.ram
streams. Wich Tool do I use to crate a *.ram file (from an
mp3 ?) ? where to find the Program ?
thx 4 ya help


Joyrex from of course! on 2001-08-08 05:34 [#00020360]

It's not the .ram file that contains the audio, it's a .rm
or .ra file. All the .ram file is a textfile containing the
full URL to where the .ra or .rm file is located on your
server. The .ram file tells RealPlayer to stream the data,
rather than download then play. An example:

Your .rm or .ra filename: mysong.rm
Your .ram file contains this URL:

You can create the .ram file by hand in Notepad or
Simpletext, or you can use an application like Soundforge to
generate it automatically for you.

If you're running the RealServer software on your server,
you don't need .ram files, and the RealServer will stream
them for you. I just got my RealServer set up, and need to
move my .rm files into a specific directory and then I can
delete the .ram files.

Hope that helps.


Joyrex from of course! on 2001-08-08 05:35 [#00020361]

Oh, forgot to answer the other part of your question - you
need to convert the MP3 to a RealAudio file, and many
applications (like soundforge) will do this for you.

Now, to stream Mp3s is a different story...


Sirius from Seoul, South Korea on 2001-08-08 09:03 [#00020388]

real producer.


sepix from european realm on 2001-08-08 17:31 [#00020429]

Big thx for your help. The second answer helps me very much,
i just didn`t know ho to convert into the right format. I`ll
search the Software you mentioned right now.
Besides, no Troubles streaming Mp3`s here, I turned my Pc
into a Shoutcast Server so the world can listen some nice
Music :o


Joyrex from of course! on 2001-08-09 04:48 [#00020580]

I have to beg to differ with you on Real Producer - you'd
think the company's own software would be the best, but I've
found Soundforge, Cool Edit 2000/Pro and Media Cleaner Pro
all encode RealAudio Files much better than RP does.


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