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I just love rdj

)(ePhA88|Tony3.0beta from my m|nd on 2001-08-02 21:38 [#00019408]

damn, i really do. like when i first found out about
drukQs, i started jumping up and down like a little facking
school girl. and it's just that sometimes i stand back and
think about all his music, and i have to let out this deep
and long "sigh* of how i just can't get over how much i love
his music. it literally has changed who I am.

~~anyone else as fargone as me?~~~

(i know your all out there)


Loverboy from The streets on 2001-08-02 21:40 [#00019409]

I totally I agree.

I definitly changed me as a person.
From being a hardrock to a more openminded person.


Loverboy from The streets on 2001-08-02 21:41 [#00019410]

I mean AFX changed me as a person.


Loverboy from The streets on 2001-08-02 21:41 [#00019411]

to the better.


Greg Brady from Germany on 2001-08-02 21:56 [#00019415]

Clowns never laughed before
Flowers never grew
Raindrops never fell before
Till I heard Rich.


Dodecha from Norway on 2001-08-03 00:22 [#00019430]

Yeah great stuff, i Love AFX, its really good


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-08-03 08:57 [#00019467]

You back again? Xepha? 3.0 I see now.


Super Magnetic Neo from Australia on 2001-08-03 12:25 [#00019503]

Oh Yeah!!! I totally agree!!

This is me when I read that a new Aphex Twin album was
coming... "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! X20 or so. :-)

Rich is my fave artist of all time.

I can't wait for Drukqs =D +D =D

Can you tell I'm excited?


*melack. from bcn on 2001-08-03 13:20 [#00019509]



------ from ----- on 2001-08-03 21:03 [#00019586]

A tiny little wolf.
My twenty pieces of money.
The tools are in my manchesters.
What did you say?


o_O from the void on 2001-08-08 00:47 [#00020343]

i fuckin hate afx or prickard de brains
he ruined my fucking life.

im taping dynamite to my chest and
wearing lighter fluid cologne.

youre dead.


od from perth on 2001-08-08 02:51 [#00020352]

o_O im not RDJ


o_O from necrid expanse on 2001-08-10 21:31 [#00020951]

yes u are u wired up cunt ohtwo is spying on us all he
laughs at u everytime
u hit post.


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