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Hey Guys

Wizards Teeth from Parsnip Land on 2001-08-01 14:41 [#00019124]

Hello please will you inform me the next time you see any of
those brown things for sale, the ones that stand next to the
boys that whisper all the time : "Hello we like steel, hello
we attempt to set fire to police helmets, hello we like to
ask the reflection of a bull the directions to my spanish
villa". That is all they talk about, I once got trapped in a
lift with one for six hours, He constantly argued about
carpets, invisible horses and the price of hiring a ninja.

I suppose it does not matter if friends no longer talk to
you if you refuse to believe they are only interested in the
opposite sex as they are good at preparing sandcastles and
painting fences.

Please can I have my Karate kid videos back ?


Mother - Please allow me to apply for an office job if I
clean my teeth after each meal. If you do not I will run
away from home and live with some seagulls that have nested
in a Gladiators helmet on the set of the Gladiator film. I
failed to meet Russell Crowe as he was shagging some ladies
in a tent made from ice (also known as an igloo).

If I lived at the bottom of the sea and owned my own
buisness, I would probably hire mainly crabs as the work
force. They walk sideways and never answer back. Very

Customer - Hello have you any of those long things with meat

Butcher - Ahhhh, you mean sausages

Customer - Paper can set on fire if left next to some fat


Wizards Teeth from Parsnip Land on 2001-08-01 14:46 [#00019128]

I also forgot to ask.

I am trying to locate some cheap fax machines.

Does anyone know of any magic spells or potions that will
help me out ?


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