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ross on 2001-08-01 00:55 [#00018956]

i've been working on a track, and i finished it today..and
well, i sampled a note from a computer keyboard type thing i
have of a cello, and i use that as the dark menacing strings
in my song...the problem is, the strings sound is so
similiar to icct hedrals! I'm not sure if i should call this
a remix or something, because i could almost pass it off as
that..i mean there's a lot of other different elements, but
whenever i try different notes, i still get a very icct-like
sound..i dont want to rip richie off or anything, so im
unsure of what to do..


beep from uk on 2001-08-01 01:00 [#00018957]

so much stuff sounds ripped off these days i wouldnt
worry.Good luck with your stuff.


Harold on 2001-08-01 01:07 [#00018959]

Looks like your in a very difficult situation; Suicide is
the only way out for you.


ross on 2001-08-01 01:42 [#00018972]

thanks, i kinda feel stupid asking this question..because as
a musician, you try to work your way around things, i just
felt the need to ask for some inane reason..i think i'll try
filtering the noise differently..


Aphex Poop from usa on 2001-08-01 02:58 [#00018981]

no. commit suicide like the man suggested.


ross on 2001-08-01 03:57 [#00019002]

no thanks


m....M..Mw )wW(m M m)Ww( wM..M....m on 2001-08-01 06:50 [#00019039]

Are you id lab or who?


ross on 2001-08-01 08:44 [#00019079]

do you mean me? i'm ross, i've been on this board for
awhile, but i came back recently..:)


m....M..Mw )wW(m M m)Ww( wM..M....m on 2001-08-01 08:55 [#00019080]

Oh, nevermind. I thought you had it uploaded somewhere. You
were the one that made the song. It is merely a coincidence
that it sounds similar. So it can't be considered ripping


H3XAN3 from Melbourne on 2001-08-01 14:43 [#00019125]

ross: i wanna hear this, it sounds interesting.


ross on 2001-08-01 19:22 [#00019154]

yeah, it was a strange coincidence, but it happens..hexane,
i'll ask reflex if he can put it on his site in the next
upcoming while


--------- from --------- on 2001-08-01 20:24 [#00019160]

Ross! If you´ve finished the track, send it to me: (it´s not a joke)... i´m too

/ ---------


ross on 2001-08-01 20:40 [#00019164]

erm...well, i dont think hotmail accepts more than 1 meg


Organ Grinder from my own little fantasy world on 2001-08-01 20:43 [#00019168]


Your music is YOUR music. Don't let anyone push you to do
something, but don't totally shut out their opinions

EVERYONE is influenced by someone; and in the beginning they
sometimes sound like them, and then evolve their own sound.

You're just the next branch off the tree, man. You just have
to wait for the leaf to grow that makes you an individual.
But it takes time.

Damn... that's deep. I think i need to start writing poetry

anyways, do how you feel! Maybe that Hedral-type sound will
attract people to it...


ross on 2001-08-01 20:45 [#00019169]

Thanks grinder, i appreciate those words a lot..ive been
making music for a year and a half now and have found my
sound (though it's continually different each project,
usually better produced) but i guess sometimes you will
always go back to your inspirations somehow


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