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al>< from dublin on 2001-07-30 14:22 [#00018677]

love you guys, we all love RDJ etc etc but i need to talk
Squarepusher to some serious fans goddamit!


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-30 17:57 [#00018720]

There are many squarepusher fans here. iam one.


walt from europe on 2001-07-30 19:18 [#00018733]

today i listened to the new squarepusher album in a record
store... i really liked 'i wish you could talk'. great
piece, very catchy, but i didn't like the other pieces at
much (at first), except the more experimental ones (reminded
me of the fantastic equation track of windowlicker). maybe i
have to get more into it, dunno.


digiphex from Philadelphia on 2001-07-30 23:06 [#00018763]

I love Tom's music. I listened to the new album a few days
in a row over at a friends house in florida. I am going to
see squarepusher and plaid on my 21st birthday here in
philly. Rock on squarepusher!


VChilele on 2001-07-31 00:30 [#00018772]

My Red Hot Car is how drum n bass should song
EVER. period.


Organ Grinder from my own little fantasy world on 2001-07-31 03:00 [#00018807]

Tom J is a fucking genius.

My SP Disco:

Music is Rotted ONE Note
Budakhan Mindphone
Selection Sixteen
My Red Hot Car
Go Plastic

Fave SP Trax:
My Sound
My Fucking Sound
Don't Go Plastic
Iambic 5 Poetry

I'm going to get Burning'n'Tree and Maximum Priest soon....


Organ Grinder from my own little fantasy world on 2001-07-31 03:01 [#00018808]

i thought GO plastic was fucking genius!

even though it's a severe change, i still dig it. It has all
the elements of improvisational jazz.... just electronic


Angel Luis Cruz from San Juan,Puerto Rico on 2001-07-31 05:09 [#00018814]

I am a big SQUAREPUSHER fan.But i still don't think Go
Plastic is the best cd,in my personal opinion.I love Feed me
weird things,on Rephlex.Such a fucking nice album,from start
to finish.And my favorite,Music is one rotted note.I just
fucking love the way he can blend jazz with electronics and
blended into a jungle/jazz/ambient-fuckyou music.Actually i
am planning a trip to washington,dc were Squarepusher and
Plaid are going to play in the same stage.Cant wait to hear
the man Tom J and everything he can do live......


al>< from dublin on 2001-07-31 09:49 [#00018832]

oh joy!
Go plastic is a killer album alright. It's just a perfect
next-step in the genious of the man. Loving "The Exploding
Psychology" at the moment.
I got his first album (from the states ) "Buzz Caner" when
he was Chaos AD. You could have interchanged the track list
of his new one and the first one and i woulda thought 'fuck
me, when will this neuron-imploding genious end?".....
FMWT is amazing ....RDJ's text sums it up:
"July Andrews brought you the sound of music, Simon and
Garfunkel brought you the sound of silence....Squarepusher
brings you the sound of sound".


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-31 10:01 [#00018836]

I would have to agree and say that its not his best work in
my opinion, its got a new style, which I admire, cause I
love it when artists I like take a different Path in their
music making ways. Its definitly a great album.


Aron? from Canada on 2001-07-31 10:04 [#00018839]

I'm a huge Squarepusher fan, Tom Jenkinson kicks fucking
ass! I don't really like Go Plastic though. I like Big Loada
& Feed Me Wierd Things more.

Tom is a fuckin' genius!


Lord Of The Beats from Norden on 2001-07-31 10:34 [#00018848]


Maybe his best album EVER!!!

Track number 5 is DOPE!!!!

If you heard it live you realize how DO`PE that track is.

I heard it live at Coachellan, he started with that track
and t just blew me away.

The music itself made me high½!!!!!!


al>< from dublin on 2001-07-31 11:43 [#00018851]

Yeah saw him live in dublin....kept us waiting for an hour
(apparently the promoters didn't like his 'i'll do my shit
in my own time', attitude, and there were some em,
"exchanges" after the show - hence not playing Sonar. But
when he played live...his energy was unreal. His end-song
was C'mon my Selector after I shouted up 'Come to fucking
Daddy'....kinda wish i shouted 'Beep Street' cos I love that
tune and aphex played it once and i cried.....


Earface on 2001-07-31 13:56 [#00018859]

oi Vichilele: My Red Hot Car is NOT drum n'bass, it's
fucking garage. Fool. Personally I think it's a poor tune.


al>< from dublin on 2001-07-31 17:37 [#00018887]

"Red hot car" cracks me up everytime i hear's just
as funny as "Tamphax", non? well as being technically


recycle from here on 2001-07-31 17:56 [#00018891]

squarepusher/plaid in lawrence,kansas @ the granada. are you
going? i am. im sure the 3 hour drive will be worth it and
the $12.00 ticket.


VChilele on 2001-07-31 18:35 [#00018899]

eh,then its the best garage song. ever.


seanc from i was so high i could see for miles around on 2001-07-31 21:05 [#00018917]

contact me off list if you want to purchase
a recording of squarepusher live @ coachella.


=|R3FL3X|= from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-31 21:06 [#00018919]

Purchase? - please... get it for free then.


seanc from i was so high i could see for miles around on 2001-07-31 21:10 [#00018920]

purchase or trade


radiowerkshop from canada on 2001-08-01 03:49 [#00018997]

tom needs a kick ass site to support him if i could do it i


Digiphex from philly on 2001-08-01 06:30 [#00019036]

anyu of you ever see modulations? Tom is in there talking
about how his studio is in his bedroom and how he uses all
these ghetto casio keyboards to get some of the sounds he
uses. it amzing how some people can take the shittiest gear
and do stuff with it that most people in there right mind
wouldn\'t know what to do. Can\'t wait to see him In philly
on my birthday


al>< from dublin on 2001-08-01 12:51 [#00019116]

I saw modulations at a gig here 2 years ago and when tom
appeared on it i was well chuffed. Then paul hartnoll was
djing afterward(orbital) and he played A Selection 16 song
..the first time i heard SP outside my home...needless to
say i was in another dimension.
Saw him live a few months ago here, it's the
best shit ever seeing that guy play live (no bass, just


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