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AFX Shows in (or around) England 09/07 - 09/16?

Behn Humphrey from California US on 2001-07-29 09:51 [#00018448]

Hey there aFx nutters... Me and the wifey are going to be
visiting beauuuuutiful London from 09/07 thru 09/16 and I
would pee on myself in utter happiness if RDj was playing
then... anybooty know? *PSSSSSST!!! i saw TOM JENKINSON in
his FIRST ever US show!!! whoooo-diddly he's sum goot
stuff.... he plays again in about a week and a half....


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-29 17:30 [#00018511]



PearlsGirrl from chi-town on 2001-07-29 17:33 [#00018513]

i am going to see tom jenkinson too, in about 2 weeks. how
was the show? did he do a live set or a dj set?

ps. is rdj ever going to play in the U.S. again??? i hope


Earface from about an hour outside of London on 2001-07-30 13:35 [#00018666]

Hello. Try checking out the Victoria and Albert (I'm sure
Aphex is playing there) - check it out on

Otherwise you could always try out the Electrowerkz Two
indoor paintball arena. I have seen Aphex there a couple of
times and I am sure they keep hosting some fat
techno/electronica gigs. It's in the Angel Islington - right
behind the tube station.

Or checkout The End - I've heard he plays there too. But I
can't tell you where it is because I have never seen it.

Right, I'm going to get some sun.


Behn Humphrey from California US on 2001-07-31 06:51 [#00018819]

Groove. Thanks.... EaRFaCE?!?! lol.... you.... silly....
any more tips and i will verbally love your monkey for hours
on end....

Um, peArlGrRL.... sQuaRePushEr was fu'in dope... it was a
sorta live set, he played all stuff from new album (go
plastic) and did the effects live... plus mixed a bit
live... there is a interview with him in either this month
or last month's Keyboard Magazine... goot stuff


Earface on 2001-07-31 17:32 [#00018886]

Check out the REPHRESH party on



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