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falling asleep to SAW vol2

uneven frequencie from calgary, alberta, canada on 2001-07-17 18:34 [#00015959]

Its been a while since I have fallin asleep listening to
Selected Ambient Works Volume ll. But after I first got it,
that was the only way I listed to was then I was going to
sleep. I don't remember any dreams that could be attributed
to listing to it while sleeping. But I have woken up a few
times listing to Tassels and White Blur 2. And you know that
state of half dreaming half awake... well while being in
that state and listing those two songs, I can say that it
was one of the most disturbing ways to wake up. I cant
really describe the feeling. So I wanted to know if anyone
else has fallen asleep listing to Selected Ambient Works
Volume ll? And what did you dream or feel like sleeping to
it waking up to it?

And also what's your favourite song from SAM vol2?
5. Tree
4. Lichen
3. Matchsticks
2. Rhubarb
1. Blue Clax


Yanni from The Acropolis on 2001-07-17 18:42 [#00015963]

I am Yanni.

You will fall asleep to my music.

In particular my album "Yanni Exposed", a collection of my
most naked songs.

I am not aware of the album you title SAM vol. II, i am
aware of my album "Selected Yanni Sessions Vol.IX". You will
fall asleep to it. No more shall be said about this topic,
except I am Yanni.


Loogie on 2001-07-17 20:22 [#00015984]

When SAWII first came out end of March 94 I had just flown
back from LA to UK and had major jet lag. I listened to the
album in a semi dozing state and it was very disturbing. I
could not fall asleep until I turned it off.


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