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Small Winamp Question

Clobe Smith from over here on 2001-07-17 07:30 [#00015695]

i am a nerd and do not know how to work my computer (it
works me ...).

anyway, i finally just bought squarepusher's big loada and
when i put it in my cd rom, i get the cd extra (which, don't
get me wrong, it's very cool), but i want to hear the music
on the album.

any help would be much appreciated, thanks.


Clobe Smith from over here on 2001-07-17 08:23 [#00015707]

(and yes i realize i can play it on "cd player" from
accessories in start. i just prefer winamp ...)


leftrightronic on 2001-07-17 08:48 [#00015711]


In Winamp, click the upper left corner for the program
settings. Then select "Options" from the menu and next
"Preferences". Next go to "Setup" > "File types". From
there make sure all the files are selected by hitting the
select all button and be sure to check the "Associate with
audio CDs" tab so CDs will play automatically through
Winamp. Then just exit out. Also, you can do File > Add
files and select the CD tracks manually by using the +File
button at the bottom of Winamp.

Hope that helps.



rob fragilenine from everywhere on 2001-07-17 10:20 [#00015746]

actually, if a cd has audio tracks AND data, it can't be
played in winamp, even if winamp's been configured to
autoplay audio cds... The reason is because Windows doesn't
see an audio cd with data as that, it sees it as a data cd
with audio tracks, therefore loads the autoplay content (if
any) that exists in the data section of the cd...


Chimp Systems from Vague Island on 2001-07-17 10:21 [#00015747]

Buy vinyl.


Clobe Smith from over here on 2001-07-17 19:44 [#00015973]

hehe, here's what i did:

i went to the winamp site and asked. for future reference:
go to the lightening bolt (next to the shuffle and repeat
buttons) and right click it. go to play, then audio cd.
and there you go. lucky for me, the forum had a newbie
section. (i was saved)


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