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Aphex antenna for other lifeforms?

Wim Jongejan from Zwartewaal on 2001-07-17 06:04 [#00015691]

Aphex an alien in the form of an English lad?


Samuel Barber on 2001-07-17 10:25 [#00015752]

Wim, a catpenis in the form of a human.


Samuel Barber on 2001-07-18 11:13 [#00016189]

Sorry, there was no need for that. I am a pasty faced bitch
with an antisocial nature and an out-of-control masturbation
habit, who finds it easier to fuck other people's social
life up than create one of my own. Hence I come on this
board and clone people in an attempt to feed the spiralling
bitterness inside me.

Yesterday it was Chimp Systems and Wizard's Teeth, today it
could be you! Hopefully my loneliness will deteriorate into
full blown depression soon, and I can slit my throat while
sobbing into a spunk stained porno mag, and then the world,
and therefore this board, will be a brighter place.

Even my mum thinks I'm a failure.

Forgive me.


Chimp Systems from the Fucking Bunker on 2001-07-18 11:17 [#00016192]

That was a public service announcement by Chimp Systems. If
that ^^^ daft turd tries to clone you today, shut the fucker
up. He did my head in yesterday, and if he turns up today
I'm going to upset him quite badly.

Anyway, enuff of my troubles, this is sposte to be an AFX
board innit...


Wizard MaC from Amersfoort on 2001-07-18 13:15 [#00016231]

Ja Wim; alien or not, that's the question!


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