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Who agrees ?

Barry Fox on 2001-07-16 13:06 [#00015471]

Its all about technique ?


Chimp Systems from Animal Chin on 2001-07-16 13:07 [#00015472]

I would say girth is 50% of it.


chicken paste man!! on 2001-07-16 13:08 [#00015473]

yeah i agree but if you got a cock the size of a totem pole
it helps.


Barry Fox on 2001-07-16 13:18 [#00015474]

I have not witnessed the following, but a man who plays
football with my friends has a thingy the size of a coke can
whilst flacid.

Sorry to lower the tone on this message board, but i believe
it is an important issue.


Earface on 2001-07-16 14:56 [#00015491]

Well if all else fails, find the clitoris and she's


Dirty Priest from Denmark on 2001-07-16 15:03 [#00015496]

In Denmark the word for Dune is "Klit".

isnt that great!? one could actually have a sentence going
something like: "let go to the klits".

IT IS all about technique. Nimble fingers and tounqe on

Read: The multiorgasmic man

men can have multible orgasms to !

i know this from experience after reading this book! now
isnt this worth a looks or what!?

check it out on Amazon.


Dirty Priest from Denmark on 2001-07-16 15:04 [#00015497]



thanksomuch from some where on 2001-07-16 16:31 [#00015517]

well, i think it would be proper if a girl answered this. i
have found that technique plays a huge part, really. i mean,
if you're going to use that damn thing like a battering ram,
that doesn't spark much excitment. mainly, length doesn't do
much, but "knock our backs out" and well, that hurts...
girth, though, is a wonderful thing, i tell you.

i say, try the "paint the walls" technique...

so, yes, i agree.


Barry Fox on 2001-07-16 16:40 [#00015524]

I like the crane technique


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-16 16:50 [#00015525]

"wanton wheelbarrow"

25% size


Barrett, Syd from Cambridge on 2001-07-16 17:28 [#00015537]

i would say i agree for the most part. however, there's only
so much you can do when you're under par.


Chimp Systems from Animal Chin on 2001-07-16 17:34 [#00015542]

Under Pa? What a strange upbringing you had...


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-16 17:41 [#00015545]

chimp systems: (location) animal chin? is that in reference
to the skateboard video?


Dirty Priest from Denmark on 2001-07-17 13:32 [#00015828]

Everyone should be interested in this.

(for men)

when you pee, if you decide to hold it back after starting
peeing, the muscle you use for that, is like any other
muscle, and can therefore be trained. practise training that
muslce. then when having sex or jerking of whatever, relax
all muscled in the lower area, when you feel it comming,
Flex that penis muscle as hard as you can. At first you will
properly come, but it will be an much more intense orgasm
than you ever have experienced before i tell ye!

try it.


-=[mCp]=- from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-07-17 15:26 [#00015884]

My girl counts on the "lick-the-plate-out" technique... :-/


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-17 16:49 [#00015905]

my grandaddy took me n the boys out to the woods one day and
he showed us the slick shovel shuffel,
you have to flatten the tip of your penis over a series of
months using a cobblers leather beater, then when the
allowed 3.4 mill depth is attained the head is smeared in
elk dripping and the special dance steps are performed. The
female all the while has been rubbing cheap dog food into
her intimate areas thus creating a subtle ambience ready for
the final act!


thanksomuch from some where on 2001-07-17 21:19 [#00016012]

dingle berry: ha ha ha... that actaully broke my silent
bitch trance that i get into while looking at this message
board. i actaully laughed out loud, a rareity for me...


thanksomuch from some where on 2001-07-17 21:22 [#00016014]

Barry fox: you'll have to describe the carne to me.. *wink


Clobe Smith from over here on 2001-07-17 23:36 [#00016052]

hmm, lick-the-plate-out, interesting ...


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