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Boards of Can'tada?

Chimp Systems from Animal Chin on 2001-07-16 12:59 [#00015469]

I heard a rumour from a man who works at Southern, Warp's UK
distributors, that the new B.O.C. album is taking so long
bcuz they have got the fear that they can't repeat the
genius of 'Music Has The Right...'.
This man said he'd heard that B.O.C., after much fucking
about, had submitted an album to Warp which had been
rejected due to it being sub-standard.
Anyone else heard anything about this? Or I am I spreading
bullshit rumours? To be honest, I wouldn't have paid any
notice, but after the disappointment of 'In A Beautiful
Place In The Country', I dunno...


PostModernVancouver from Vancouver,Canada on 2001-07-16 13:04 [#00015470]

I agree with ABPITC was very average to be honest.Nothing
great with that one at all, just ok with some cute
I dont know about that new album being sub-standard rumours,
but I dont totally doubt it.
As good as they are with that one album, I only judge true
greatness with that ability to keep on coming with great
stuff, and that's where they might(?) lack?Who knows, but
thats where Aphex has been the leader in that respect next
to Plaid , followed by Autechre and Squarepusher, IMO....


Loogie on 2001-07-16 14:08 [#00015475]


I thought ABPOITC was great! well 2 out of the 4 tracks
I liked about 50% of MHTRTC too, which is not bad going, as
usually I find I only like 1 or 2 tracks on an album.
A superb album is one where I like half the tracks...

I guess it all boils down to this personal taste thing.


Archrival from New York on 2001-07-16 14:30 [#00015477]

I love both releases

In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country WAS DOPE.


Barrett, Syd from Cambridge on 2001-07-16 17:30 [#00015539]

They're pretty superfly..........


Aron? from Canada on 2001-07-16 17:52 [#00015556]

The only song I liked in a beautiful place out in the
country is the title track. Kid for today wasn't bad

I've also heard a rumour that is NOT ever going to be a new
Boc album, but i don't know if it's true...


Chimp Systems from Animal Chin on 2001-07-16 17:55 [#00015558]

They've signed a five album deal with Warp for a 'lot of
money', so for their own sake I hope they can come up with
at least one. I know this bcuz I used to hang round the Skam
offices, and they told me . . .


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-17 00:04 [#00015633]

BOC is the shit.

Those albums are the shit.



Chilled from up in yo ass with the resurrection! on 2001-07-17 03:15 [#00015652]

i love boards of canada....anyone ever heard 1986 summer
fire? its least if its what i think it
is(backwards girl voice?)


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-17 04:12 [#00015661]

Yup. thats a good one.


boxrocket on 2001-07-17 05:40 [#00015685]

i haven't heard of boards of canada before coming to this
site, so i don't know anything about it "idm"?
are they from the uk? some information, please....


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-17 05:51 [#00015687]

No no and no. They are very relaxed and have a disticnt
sound. Check them out.


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-17 08:28 [#00015708]



|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-17 08:56 [#00015716]

I think you can buy some on im not so sure
though. check their homepage.


Arch Rival from NY on 2001-07-17 08:57 [#00015717]

whats up wit their homepage?


Chimp Systems from Vague Island on 2001-07-17 09:28 [#00015731]

boxrocket: Reflex is wrong, B.O.C. are from the UK, they
come from Scotland (they are called Boards of Canada after
National Film Boards of Canada, who used to make loads of
wildlife films and mad cartoons that got shown in the UK).
They kind of sound like the old interval music from between
kids shows on UK TV between 1976-85, only with hip-hop/dub
influences. Thats probably no use to you, but believe me
they are ace.


PiljFurrow from i-o on 2001-07-17 09:39 [#00015734]

I personally think that as a whole ABPOITC is a better album
than MHTRTC...I think both of 'em are great though...ABPOITC
is incredible...It fills my heart with wonderful
feelings...They're homepage seems to have gone down...I
think it has to do with them not approving of spending alot
of time on computers...They'd rather people be outside than
looking at their stuff on computers...I dunno...


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