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Jobs >:D

|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-15 10:47 [#00015176]

What job{s} do you people have? I have recently been job
hunting for yet another job, and its been such a bitch, but
ive got an interview tomorrow for a promising job as a cook.
let me know what your job is, and why you like it or hate

My old job was construction building ceilings in houses, it
was shitty.. really shitty, 10 hour days, 5 days a week..
except you get payed tons of cash, like 13 dollars an hour,
{canadian money}. thats really nice. But I hated it too
much, hot - long - boring - hard working days.


wizards teeth from inside a monkeys pancreas on 2001-07-15 12:29 [#00015182]

I work for a Newspaper.

Not for an actual newspaper, for people who own the


Gl;itch from New Zealand on 2001-07-15 12:47 [#00015185]

I work Night-Shift for a Newspaper in town, pressing buttons
and fucking around with loud bitchy machines from a bygone

and it sucks, for the hours I do the moneys good, but
considering the stress and health concerns its not so nice.


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-15 13:36 [#00015206]

I used to put up books on a library. i did it for about a
year, and i just quit two days ago. i must say this is an ok
job, cause you get payed well after some time there, and you
learn at the same time. i know the alphabet sickly now, and
a lot of writer and shit. that was good. the boring aspect
is only being together with middle aged single women all the


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-15 21:51 [#00015257]

AH! Well... seems interesting enough I guess, im going in
for my intereview in 45 minutes, hope things go well for me!
if i get this job it will mean more money comin in on a
regular basis.



thanksomuch from some where on 2001-07-15 23:04 [#00015281]

i am a garde manger chef assistant at a very fancy hotel
called the Mandarin Oriental (they have a web site some
where but who cares)...
bill gates is staying at the hotel i work at...


Brian Potter from over here on 2001-07-15 23:24 [#00015288]

i whore myself as an assistant manager for projection and
box office at a mulitplex.

if you don't mind being held responsible for millions of
dollars of equipment and counting thousands upon thousands
of dollars all while being paid slave wages, it's a good
deal. (i'm not bitter or anything)


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-16 02:30 [#00015316]

Yes the world wide dream of doing the work of a corporation
and getting fucked over for the money.. what a great dream
it is. I can't wait to start work, I went for the interview
and it went well, he wants me to call back for positions
next friday. Shit yeah.


od from perth on 2001-07-16 04:44 [#00015324]

mi a computer technician who has no idea what he is doing

so they hired an assistant for me. now he does all the
well most of it

no shit!


boxrocket on 2001-07-16 07:20 [#00015347]

i work third shift in the computer room of a credit card
company, running files through our system and writing down
dollar amounts on a piece of paper. it's a boring job, but
it pays well, and i get to fuck around online all night
long. i'm about to go to second shift, so it'll be better


D-Hex from KC Missouri on 2001-07-16 07:27 [#00015348]

I babysit kids at the YMCA,,,,,,,,great times.


m....MwMw wwW(m M m)Www wMwM....m on 2001-07-16 07:33 [#00015351]

I hate my job. I'm an "apprentice electrician" and to become
an "electrician", I have to suffer through 5 years of
ittiotic classes every tuesday and thursday for a fat ass
chunk of each year. Currently our job is bid by "time and
materials". This means that you go to work and do nearly
nothing, so that the company can suck as much money out of
it as possible. We work at schools, installing some
necessary part for the internet they're putting in there. I
often go hide in a classroom and read all day, the foremen
and often general foreman don't care really. They want you
to hide. This sounds great, and I suppose is a great
temporary scam, but it won't last long. The sucky part is
the TIME. 8 hours of this, naturally, every day. Plus an
hour drive there, plus an hour drive back every day, plus 6
hours a week for school, plus some saturday labs. Plus the
ittiotic potty humor social construction worker environment.
I want to become a mail man, because they are loners most of
the day. That would be heaven compared to this, but it will
take up to 2 years until I get that job. Basically, I want
to be a loner, maybe a library job would be good. Those
bastard electricians make 30$ an hour when they turn out
though. I just don't want to live a life like that.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-16 07:46 [#00015359]

Wow - seems more and more people share this common hate for
their job, I mean why not!? it makes sense in so many ways.

i used to work construction as I stated before, that was a
bitch and a half. .. argh enough of this business, im going
to go play the new FINAL FANTASY CHRONICLES! It has
FF4{really 2} and ChronoTrigger!

Seeya >:D


m....MwMw wwW(m M m)Www wMwM....m on 2001-07-16 07:51 [#00015361]

Fuck yeah, I prefer to retreat from reality and spend as
much time as possible making lame music or playing
videogames. That reality is so much better. The only reason
I don't kill myself in that other annoying reality is that I
have the other one to look forward to. I think I'll go play
Contra3- the alien wars. This is completely neurotic
behavior, I'm aware, but I don't care, considering the state
of human affairs.


m....MwMw wwW(m M m)Www wMwM....m on 2001-07-16 07:56 [#00015365]

It's so unnatural to have jobs specifically dealt out to
people. "Hey, I'm the hamburger flipper. I flip hamburgers.
All day. Eight hours a day. I'm GoiNG TO KILL YOU!!!" Your
whole fucking life spent flipping burgers. If evolution
designed you for this purpose, one of your hands would have
evolved into the shape of a big spatula, and you'd probably
have fun doing what you do.
I wish evolution was never able to create creatures as
intelligent as us. Hunter/gathers had it made, working on
average 2 hours a day.


m....MwMw wwW(m M m)Www wMwM....m on 2001-07-16 08:10 [#00015369]


Your job sounds perfect for me. How does one pursue this


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-16 08:44 [#00015373]

hm interesting the way this is turning, well yea I think
that all of us would love the dream job, or rather get paid
to do absolutly nothing, to get the fat D's.. rather the fat
$$$$$$$$$. Either way, I need to work for my cash right now
cause that aint gonna happen for a long ass time. Some
people do go crazy and shoot others because of their job you
know. heh.



-=[mCp]=- from Frankfurt/Germany on 2001-07-16 08:47 [#00015375]

I work for a software development company in Germany.


boxrocket on 2001-07-16 08:53 [#00015377]

to be honest, i'm not sure how i got this job. i applied as
an operator (taking calls and transferring them all day) and
then i asked if i could do something involved with
computers. they put me here. i know the idea of getting paid
to sit on your ass sounds great (it did to me too, at
first), but trust me, after a while you get VERY sick of
being so lazy, and besides that the people i work with are
in no way creative or interesting. they make me endure 80's
hair bands all night long, if not 70's porn music.


\/\/ooƒerAttack³!!! from Milan on 2001-07-16 09:27 [#00015385]

I have a firm, we repair industrial machines like excavators
(Caterpillar), Aerial Platforms, elevators, etc...
I'm writing from my office.



|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-16 09:33 [#00015392]

\/\/ooƒerAttack?!!!: that sounds quite interesting, how do
you like your job? What are the details of your position?
how did you get it?


Kenchie from . on 2001-07-16 09:51 [#00015397]

Self-employed web designer


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-16 10:22 [#00015407]

Oh yeah well I do also do some graphic work on the side for
various people, every once in a while I get someone emailing
me from within my city asking me to do something. I know
some people at a Cyber café {they own the place} its a
great place, with a great location.

If your starting out as a web designer, or artists,or
anything digital get to know people at a cyber cafe. it
helps, and can bring in business


tune*fx on 2001-07-16 12:37 [#00015456]

yeah self-emplyment really rocks. I wish I could do that.
But I dont have the brave... :)


Synchronicity on 2001-07-16 12:46 [#00015460]

i'm a pipe organist who does Weddings, etc...


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-16 12:55 [#00015467]

I know how yall feel about hating doing nothing!

I´n my job, i was quite good putting those books up after
some time, so i could spend some time reading and shit,
while getting paid!

But it became so boring..

I did read a fascintating book, wich is the kind youre to
shy to take home yourself

"The multi Orgasmic man"

try it... it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exclusevly, i worked as a D at a party in my high school!!!

it was like, some girls came up and axed me if i wanted to
do it (cause they know i´m good at that kind of shit), and
i said "yah". i figured i would do it for free, but i got
paid 70 dollars AND free beer man. + i played windolicker +
People actually danced to it!!! + i had time to get it on
with this girl i´d fancied for quite a lot of time

So i guess you could call that a good night! =)

Theres a wery fascinating education in here in Denmark,
actually directly translated means "Tone Champion"!!

its the people that edits the sound on the television media.
its about putting music in films, and commercials and shit.
Wery exiting. i hope i can get in there eventually!


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-16 12:56 [#00015468]

I meant to say DJ there. sorry =)


Earface on 2001-07-16 14:20 [#00015476]

My brother plays the organ at weddings.

I'm in limbo between college and university and the moment,
waiting to read Philosophy (hopefully). I've been working as
a chef in a kitchen hospital part-time for about a year and
a half. I'm thinking about getting a full-time job in data
entry but I have never used a database or spreadsheet. Ah


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-16 17:01 [#00015527]

i work for 8 hour days at Los Alamos National Lab. my job
consists of data processing, filing, shredding, looking
busy, screwing around on the internet, doing other peoples
work. i dont get paid well because i am in the student
program and they steak $120 out of each paycheck! i really
hate having a job because i could be skateboarding or
playing video games. i really wish i was wealthy.


Xanatos from NYC on 2001-07-16 17:44 [#00015550]

I am a clown. A sad, sad, clown.


ross on 2001-07-16 19:55 [#00015579]

i know someone that works at blockbuster, so i might be
working there soon..finally my first job, hopefully no more
being poor..


The Grey Gentleman from Eugene, Oregon on 2001-07-16 20:41 [#00015587]

I'm a network/security engineer. It's an okay job, sometimes
very interesting. The pay is really really good, so I can
afford to buy loads of gear and a big place with an extra
room for all of it.

The downsides are: uses too much of your brain. Often, by
the time you come home from work, your brain is mush. Well,
I guess that's the only downside I can think of, heh.

I wish someone would pay me my current salary to deliver
pizzas, that would be quite lush. Don't think I'd ever wanna
try to exist solely on money made from making music, though,
I'd be broke!


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-16 23:51 [#00015622]

SWAI: sounds very interesting to me man... hm.... i think
that i myself could do such a thing, with some practice.

Anyone have any tips as to how they got their jobs? How they
found them, got hired?. Any stories from their jobs??



m....MwMw wwW(m M m)Www wMwM....m on 2001-07-17 07:32 [#00015696]

Look up "international brotherhood of electrical workers"
anywhere, internet etc. That's the union (and a pretty
powerful one) that you join from. I don't recommend it.


|REFLEX| from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 2001-07-17 07:45 [#00015702]

Yeah, my friend is in some union, can't recall the name, but
its so hard for him to get fired now, unions work both ways
I guess. Oh well.. anyone else with some job info?


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-17 09:22 [#00015729]

i work for a government owned corporation trawling the net
hoping to meet animal rapists and poultry abusers???????


phiz from Amsterdam on 2001-07-17 09:50 [#00015740]

i'm a Graphic Designer for an American company based in
it's an ok job paying well, and...... i live in Amsterdam
which makes it worthwile.


Baron Von Picklefoot from They keep me in a box under the stairs with only a canned ham to keep me company on 2001-07-17 10:52 [#00015769]

I've been trying to establish my own for of society where we
all don't run on the hamster wheel of life after the all
mighty dollar. Instead I offer that we all share what we
have with each other you all can come live with me and we
will develop a utopia where we all are happy and have no
form of ownership!!!!wait a sec didn't someone already try
this ???I take it all back lets all be corporate whores for
the rest of our lives WOO FUCKING HOO I'M GONNA BUY A ISLAND


Archrival on 2001-07-17 11:34 [#00015781]

i'm a child pornographer


Dirty Priest from Denmark on 2001-07-17 13:17 [#00015817]

Well, on my job once, theres this cellar at the library
where they keep all kinds of shit from the area, old
newspapers and pictures and countings and such. there was
this couch thingy down there and i decided to lay down for a
bit, then suddently one of my elderly co workers pops in and
sees it. and then she just walks away as if it was the most
natural thing in the world. that was totally fucked up!


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