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gggzrdhs mataj

chicken paste man!! on 2001-07-13 16:59 [#00014934]



Chimp Systems from Flat Mountain on 2001-07-13 16:59 [#00014935]

I dunno. What's in it for me? Will it hurt?


Wizards Teeth on 2001-07-13 17:06 [#00014937]

Yeah I will have go.

Do I have to wear ankle supports.


rob fragilenine from everywhere on 2001-07-13 17:14 [#00014941]

Yeah, I might. But only if you give me -$5.63.44902. Then I
will maybe negotiate a good deal with you. AAAAAAAAA

(0.9) phletd mkeno6


chicken paste man!! on 2001-07-16 10:13 [#00015401]

chimp - there's a whole case of chicken paste in it for ya,
and yesssss, it will hurt, but in the nicest way.
wizard - no ankle supports required, but maybe a bundle a
face supports for all our faces.
rob - fuck off. there will be no negotiations.


Chimp Systems from Animal Chin on 2001-07-16 10:37 [#00015411]

If it's for Paste, I will do it. You know I can't resist
that beige super-sauce.... The need to get a bigger hit off
it is getting out of hand, I've begun injecting it.... You
knew exactly what you were doing, giving me that first bit
free, you knew I'd be back, begging on my knees for more.
And now look at me, dressed in stockings and suspenders,
chewing old men's trouser snakes in bus shelters just to
raise the cash for my next hit. You swine, CPM!


Wizards Teeth from Inside Barry Fox's mind on 2001-07-16 10:57 [#00015414]

I must have ankle supports as my ankles are made from

I am going to change my name to Barry Fox


chicken paste man!! on 2001-07-16 11:00 [#00015416]

well - you can have ankle supports in this case, but make
sure that your face is especially secure or it might just


Dew from many leaves on 2001-07-16 11:02 [#00015418]

what if someone does not have a face? my face is blank with
a blue tint.


Wizards Teeth from Inside Barry Fox's mind on 2001-07-16 11:04 [#00015419]

I don't have a face either.

What happens if my wrists melt (they are made out of brie)


Barry Fox on 2001-07-16 11:05 [#00015420]

I just changed my name to Barry Fox.

I don't like it very much.


Dew from many leaves on 2001-07-16 11:08 [#00015424]

its not a bad name. I enjoy looking at it, it compliments
you well I reckon


Chimp Systems from Animal Chin on 2001-07-16 11:09 [#00015426]

Barry Fox is good I like it. Why not try Barry Foxx? Gives
it that U.S. Porno feel.


chicken paste man!! on 2001-07-16 11:09 [#00015427]

no faces!!!?????!!!!
i have at least 64782364 faces.
the barry formerly known as wizard - if your cheesy wrists
melt, i'd get out the jacob's crackers and possibly a good
red, and then proceed to talk shit for a least 30 years,
that is unless i get run over by an armoured tank full of
the geckos are out to get me.....


Dew from many leaves on 2001-07-16 11:10 [#00015428]

p.s. my face can grow eyes at will so I can see things, but
thats all..


Barry Fox on 2001-07-16 11:34 [#00015438]

One other idea for new name was Bobby Flax, but I chose
Barry Fox for a reason.

Early this year I was driving home and as we neared our
village we seen some signs attached to fences.

They simply said "Barry Fox".

I assume it was Barry Fox'x birthday.

Or the village i live in changed its name to Barry Fox,
hence I am Barry Fox from Barry Fox.

Me and my friends were contemplating adding some words to
the end of the signs eg "is a kiddy fiddler". When his
friend brought Barry from the town back to the village they
would have been saying to him "we have a great supprise for
you at home". The would only expect him to see the words
"Barry Fox", but he would be greeted by "Barry Fox is a
kiddy fiddler".

How would they explain this birthday treat ?


Chimp Systems from Animal Chin on 2001-07-16 11:39 [#00015439]

Or you could just write 'Kids' under his name, as in 'Barry
Fox Kids'... a-hurhur...


Mescaline from Heaven (Reaaally good) on 2001-07-17 14:12 [#00015857]

I think you still can change your name to Fairy Box or
Fairry Boxxx (especially fo Chimp). There is more truth in
this name 'bout u.


chicken paste man!! on 2001-07-17 14:46 [#00015875]

gggzrdhs mataj is the best.
mescaline - who the fuckin' prickface are you?
why you call chimpy a fairy?
huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh?


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