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beep sounds

Wizards Teeth on 2001-07-11 15:46 [#00014220]


I love "Beep" style sounds

Can anyone suggest a place I can collect these from (in real
life or the net) as I want to build my collection.

I am now going to use only these to make tunes out of.

I heard a great bleep sound when i pressed a button on a
traffic light box at the station at Lewisham.

Does anyone live near this as I live in Newcaslte, when I
was down there I was unable to record the sound as I did not
have my microphone with me.

It would be nice if someone could help out as it would take
eight hours to travel down and record this sound.

Many Thanks


map[warp/rephlex-aholic] from CH - Mulligan on 2001-07-11 15:51 [#00014222]

i found much gameboy samples....just search...easy to find i


Chimp Systems from Bleep Gardens on 2001-07-11 15:53 [#00014223]

If you haven't already got it, you should get LFO's
Frequencies album on Warp, it's got some of the greatest
bleeps, beeps, bips and boops ever recorded . . . You can
still get it on CD for much Cheapness. After SAW1 it's my
favourite electronic album ever . . .


Wizards Teeth on 2001-07-11 16:14 [#00014225]

Cheers Mr. System,

I heard you live down london.

I don't suppose you could visit the place I am talking about
and record the sound


Chimp Systems from Bleep Gardens on 2001-07-11 16:19 [#00014226]

Errrmm. . . Sorry, I can't be arsed. That might sound cold
but it'd take me ages to get there, ages to get back, then
ages to figure how to get the sound to you . . . Sorry Mr
Teeth, I ain't got enuff free time as it is. . . I'm sure
someone less cunty'll help you out.


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-11 16:24 [#00014230]

in america, large trucks of ours beep when they back up. do
your's do the same? i was thinking of starting a song with a
truck beeping.


ross on 2001-07-11 19:54 [#00014292]

ive been making a song based on a supermarket recently,
having the sounds of bags, coins, cashiers, babies, blips,
beeps of computers, etc.


m....MwMw wwW(m M m)Www wMwM....m on 2001-07-11 19:59 [#00014293]

Are you id lab, and can I find that song on your page
(supermarket one)?


hevquip from an egren's coffee shop on 2001-07-11 21:27 [#00014300]

data streams are good too. faxes and modems dialing up.
maybe phones. i was playing with a phone once, pressing the
buttons and sliding the volume thing up and down.


dadonck on 2001-07-12 18:18 [#00014615]



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