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whats your word for XTC

dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-05 08:07 [#00012359]

1.thrills n spills.
2.ian biels.


wizards teeth on 2001-07-05 08:59 [#00012377]

disco biscuits


dirty little bitch on 2001-07-05 09:03 [#00012378]

little fellas


wizards teeth on 2001-07-05 09:28 [#00012385]

I too am a fan of little fellas

Is this term used in the england only or the rest of the


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-07-05 09:39 [#00012392]

Argh! They did new studies on the side effects of real E..
or rather MDA, or MDMA.. and other[s]. And even the "real"
E.. thats going around mostly that is a shit mix. Anyway..
they did these new studies and it shows that from the time
you take 1 pill of either "type" that it causes permenent
brain damage, in your memory, sensory and relay stations in
your brain. Its been shown that its one of the dealiest and
harmful chemicals, for drug usage. Ive never touched it, and
I had so many chances, my city is having a large XTC "E"
problem, along with cocaine and meth. I will never touch it.
Especially now.

To stay on topic somewhat, here mostly everyone calls it
"E". Thats it.


wizards teeth on 2001-07-05 11:24 [#00012426]

I believe it is the nasty combinations of drugs that cause
memory loss.

I am going to start buying shares in the "Post it Note"
company. I think that in twenty years time many people will
be using post it notes instead of short term memory due to
lack of memory power due to biscuit eating now.

Another techinique will be as follows.

People who take E could "hire out" peoples memory.

For example for a charge of $50 or £40 per month i will be
your short term memory. Send me as many e-mails as you want
and i will remind you when you need to do things.

I will transfer your short term memory lost tasks via e-mail
or text message.

send an e-mail to if you require
this service



Mr Judith Chalmers from Stupid London on 2001-07-05 11:26 [#00012428]

We calls 'em little'uns. Or eckies. And then we eat 'em.


bluesocrates from Edinburgh on 2001-07-05 12:02 [#00012437]

'Jimmys' as in Jimmy Hills, I can't believe I'm actually
answering such a purile question!!


tune*mx on 2001-07-05 12:15 [#00012442]

Hungarians call it "ecky", too.


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-05 13:38 [#00012459]

jimmy hills and ian beels


recycle from work on 2001-07-05 17:35 [#00012519]



Frey Bentos from Chimp City on 2001-07-05 17:39 [#00012520]

Mefs. Or Rems. Why, what's your word fatty?


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