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Living A Glass House

Scary Bear on 2001-07-05 00:21 [#00012323]

OK somene said something about Thom Yorke and Richard D.J.
being good mates. I was reading an interview where Ricard
said that he has a Mobie Scanner and he listens in on
conversations and stuff. The lyrics in the last track of
Amnesiac - Living In A Glass House "Well of course I'd like
to sit around and chat, but someone's listening in" might
have something to do with that. Funny I just read over what
I wrote and I feel like a sad bastad! Never Mind!

Speaking of which I never read anyhing about opinions of
Amnesiac (although i am sure there are some past topics
about it I can't be arsed to rummage)

So what does everyone think? I think it's really cool and
still can't dtop listening to it. (I'm also typing in the
dark on a black laptop, sorry about spelling errors, once
again, can't be arsed to check)

I'm really tired and I'm going to bed. Nite all.



Ross on 2001-07-05 02:47 [#00012341]

liagh is about a woman who was hounded by the media, and she
put pictures of herself all over the windows from various
tabloids as a 'fuck off' sorta deal to the
media..interesting...Amnesiac is good, Kid a was far better
though, i dont listen to all of amnesiac..hunting bears,
pull/pulk revolving doors and knives out dont do much for me


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