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NME news on Drukqs

Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-04 12:29 [#00012230]


APHEX TWIN has completed work on a new studio album and has
titled it 'DRUKQS', NME.COM can reveal.
The electronica pioneer, AKA Richard James, mastered the
30-track double album last week in London. An exact release
date for the record has not yet been confirmed, although it
is expected to be sometime in October this year.

Speaking about the album, a spokesperson for Aphex Twin said
that the record will be accompanied by UK live dates.

She said: "It's a very diverse record, it was only finished
in the last few days. It definitely has elements of his
other albums, in parts it's all over the place, while in
others he uses classical piano."

Aphex Twin hasn't released a new studio album since '96's
'Richard D. James', and has in the past declared his
intention to retire from the music industry altogether.

Speaking previously, he said fans would have to "wait 'til
I'm dead" to hear the next record. He commented: "It (the
new album) will be out in about five years' time, if at all.
What about my fans? They'll have to wait 'til I'm dead - if
I haven't taken all my tapes to the grave with me! It's too
distracting when you release your music - you can't be
honest. Sometimes you've got to duck out completely."


tune*mx on 2001-07-04 12:34 [#00012231]

what the ....


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-04 12:53 [#00012234]

Oops! I discovered this article was already posted on this
very MB - sorry guys! :-)


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