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Quick question about IDM

dandylionesstrogenocide from io on 2001-07-04 04:38 [#00012138]

Just what does IDM stand for?


Aron? from Canada on 2001-07-04 05:18 [#00012144]

Intelligent Dance Music


dandylionesstrogen from io on 2001-07-04 05:54 [#00012147]



Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-04 06:12 [#00012149]

no biggie! It's just music anyway......IDM is turning people
off of Dj's....It's a shame....cuz HOUSE LIVES FOREVER


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-07-04 06:19 [#00012153]

Ugh.. House is lame! Well atleast I think so. I dislike 90%
of it. There are many good djs out there that are damn
sweet. My favs are Deejay Punk-Roc, DJ Q-Bert and DJ Craze.
These guys are cool. IDM is not a tag I like... I never
liked tags for music ever.. its just music ya know??


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-04 06:41 [#00012156]

Explain WHY it's lame and then I'll listen to
you.......don't just say it lame. Back it up REFLEX!!!!
smile, It's MAGIC!!!!


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-04 06:42 [#00012157]

......ever listen to AK1200?


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-04 06:43 [#00012158]

oh and I take something back....HOUSE WILL NOT LIVE
FOREVER....oops sorry....


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-07-04 06:51 [#00012162]

AK1200? Yeah Ive heard. I don't like it too much, I told
you.. I dislike 90%.. that leaves 10% I do like right? I
dunno, I don't like anything specific. I don't really think
of something like HOUSE....or TRANCE or JUNGLE... its just
tunes. But catagorized, no I dislike most HOUSE, its just
too uppity and boring for me.. not enough in between... I
don't know, ive heard a lot of HOUSE in my time. There is a
huge HOUSE/TRANCE scene in my city.. frankly I despise it.
[re: Supid Ravers post that got over 300 posts] But yeah...
I just don't find it interesting, you speak as if everyone
has a reason to love it... I can't at all.


::praxis:: from beeeeep on 2001-07-04 07:09 [#00012172]

[it sucks in principle that labels exist, but we're humans
living in a relatively complex environment, and they need to
exist on some level to aid in communication.....everyone
knows what a big part musical taste plays in friendships and
meeting/interacting with people, and i have to say, even if
it doesnt cover specifics, that its alot easier to say 'i
listen to industrial, idm, ambient, trance, whatever' when
someone asks what you listen to than to name every group you
like. its referance-like a card catologue. and just because
something is associated with a genre or movement doesnt make
it shallow. people have this idea that 'if i call it idm, im
being shallow, or i dont sound like a true fan.' fuck that.


::praxis:: from beeeeep on 2001-07-04 07:10 [#00012173]

[ am i allowed to say fuck on here? if im not....someone
tell me so i dont get kicked off.]


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-07-04 07:18 [#00012178]

NO see... its ok to Call It IDM... I think that its ok.. but
I personally don't like that tag at all. I think its stupid.
In my opinion ofcourse. But still and yeah you can say FUCK
on here.. just don't say it to many people or youll get
kicked from here. :]


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-04 08:38 [#00012191]

didnt people start calling jungle intelligent drum n bass
around 92?
and as for the disrespect for the house scene if it hadnt
been for the disco of the 70s then we wouldnt have got the
house/detroit techno influence to even spawn the rise of the
underground scene of now, and just like disco at the end of
the 70s the house music of today has become too cheap and
easy to make and is being pumped out like stilton, i love
the early 90s house scene thats where i started and what ive
grown up with but things do have to change!


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-07-04 09:02 [#00012196]

For me.. yes I know of that stuff. But for me.. I saw the
forefront of techno with other people.. not specificly the
early 70's stuff. ... . Not that stuff.


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-04 09:09 [#00012198]

so mr reflex doesnt where star shaped shades and scream dig
my afro honey child


Gary on 2001-07-04 11:04 [#00012221]

humans put things into categories,Aristotle reckoned its one
of the things that separates us from build a
bridge, havin said that I think that 90% of house is rubbish


Gary on 2001-07-04 11:06 [#00012222]

Mr. D Berry u got a point the old stuff is savage,


dingle berry from on a small plastic chair breathing fire on 2001-07-04 15:00 [#00012256]

vuggin zaktley


rF : rob fragilenine from here on 2001-07-04 16:36 [#00012276]

Why do they call it Intelligent Dance Music? IT'S NOT
DANCE!!! In my opinion anyway, dance music is doof doof doof
doof sort of stuff, you know, 4/4 kicks and cheesy synth
lines? I still don't understand why they put Aphex Twin in
the Dance section in record shops, even SAWII!?!?!? All of
this type of music should be put in another section,
Non-Repetitive Electronica or something. That would make


dirty little bitch on 2001-07-04 16:40 [#00012278]

i think that dance music is generally made on machines
rather than through the use of some spoons or something.
and cos afx uses machines it is classed as 'dance'
i think you can dance to afx tunes.


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-07-04 17:29 [#00012287]

Im going to try and get things heated, I Hate DJ's and Ill
never ever buy a cd by DJ (insert name here) its a
thoughtless stupid name, and it reflects badly on the

Disc Jockeys can go back to Mercury


Chilled from up in yo ass with the resurrection! on 2001-07-04 17:57 [#00012290]

if you wanted to call suum IDm, give it to FSOL's old
works.....that were good dance music....


Chilled from up in yo ass with the resurrection! on 2001-07-04 17:59 [#00012292]

actually,i think fatboy does an OK job at mixing,songs suck

I like the DJ Fluid
and DJ Cam


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-05 01:05 [#00012333]

Well....hey everyone!

Rob thanx for the commentary on IDM...I totally agree that
it's not really danceable...unless you live on LSD and
Cheerios all the time!.....

***not related to this topoc***
Aphex Twin's Digeridoo, Windowlicker and others but I can't
think right now.....The reason I love AT so much is because
he's all over the map. I like how you can chose your Aphex
mood! I put on the above songs, and also Freeman, Hardy,
Willis Acid , at a recent houseparty I had and people loved
it and were dancing like animals....

Cheers to dark spooky music!!!!

Thanx people, Nate


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