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more druqs news..

Ross on 2001-07-03 19:45 [#00012042]

Ryan Schreiber reports:
After announcing what must have been his 90th retirement
from recording in late 1999, the Aphex Twin will re-emerge
in October with Drukqz, a sprawling two-disc buffet of
mind-bending electronic pastiches and skittering lunacy. The
double-album, which hasn't yet been given an official
release date, was mastered in London last week, and contains
thirty tracks of brand new material. It will be his first
full-length release since 1996's The Richard D. James Album,
and will probably feature another scary cover image of his
wild-eyed visage. For god's sake, man, put a bag over that

However, if grandma just can't wait to get her decrepit
hands on the Twin's deranged filth, she can tide herself
over with the chesty miscreant's 1992 U.S. debut, Surfing on
Sine Waves. Just make sure she knows it was released under
the his since-defunct Polygon Window alias to avoid a
panicked scene in the record store. You know how easily she
gets confused these days.

.: Warp:


Chilled from up in yo ass with the resurrection! on 2001-07-03 20:41 [#00012053]

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...thats the funniest thing I ever read,
Ross you should get a job as a stand up comedian.


Ross on 2001-07-03 21:17 [#00012059]

sorry chilled, i didnt write it...:) it's from a website


leftrightronic on 2001-07-03 21:17 [#00012060]

chilled, i wish we had more like you


Chilled from Buh>? on 2001-07-03 21:40 [#00012066]

I wish I had more like me!


Ross on 2001-07-03 22:31 [#00012086]

i read on nme that some parts of the new album are all over
the place, yet some he uses classical piano....interesting


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-03 23:50 [#00012098]

I have been waiting patiently for a new RDJ release...and
now (Thanx Ross) it looks as though it is
happening....October? Geezus! Long wait!


Springymajig from New Zealand ( on 2001-07-04 00:32 [#00012106]

That was pretty fun. Sounds like it'll be quite good.


rF from :"+_|\/} A5536 on 2001-07-04 07:21 [#00012180]

classical piano??? wow, I hope there really is going to be
some of that... RDJ 'chucking a nine inch nails'...


Ross on 2001-07-04 07:22 [#00012182]

yeah, that'll be something he hasnt done!


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