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offline kei9 from Argentina on 2024-02-14 05:20 [#02632583]
Points: 421 Status: Regular

LAZY_TITLE testing the dx100 i recorded this impromptu
attempt at sun ra/terry riley with the microphone of my
phone from a small marshall amp. sat on the air conditioner
remote right after pushing record

visuals because i was feeling extra 70s

Ill share somethign sequencer based soon when i can get
myself to plug cables to do it, been find it hard to for
some reason.


offline Wolfslice from Bay Area, CA (United States) on 2024-02-14 19:15 [#02632590]
Points: 4807 Status: Regular

I like it an the lo fi only adds to the mystique. Gets a
little strange in the second half in a good way.


offline kei9 from Argentina on 2024-02-15 14:21 [#02632598]
Points: 421 Status: Regular

thank you for listening and commenting on the track. I was a
little unsure about the high notes as I kind of fucked up at
some point and had to keep at it to make something out of
it. but yeh sometimes things you werent planning for turn
out for the best

it is also liberating to not worry about mixing or anything


offline Tony Danza from Sesame Street on 2024-02-15 14:54 [#02632599]
Points: 3541 Status: Lurker

very nice and not what I was expecting. visuals turn it into
one of those weird moments from 1970s era Sesame Street


offline recycle from Where is Phobiazero (Lincoln) (United States) on 2024-02-21 22:03 [#02632777]
Points: 39534 Status: Regular

Can’t go rong with kei9 traxxxxs ever


offline recycle from Where is Phobiazero (Lincoln) (United States) on 2024-02-27 02:08 [#02632855]
Points: 39534 Status: Regular

bumper cars.


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