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offline umbroman3 from United Kingdom on 2022-06-17 17:49 [#02619269]
Points: 5900 Status: Regular

hey guys

what's happening

im umbroman3


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2022-06-17 21:44 [#02619276]
Points: 5798 Status: Regular

dancing about in my pants and drinking,watching films and
listening to music
replying to you right now
wassup G


offline umbroman3 from United Kingdom on 2022-06-18 22:07 [#02619312]
Points: 5900 Status: Regular

what films are you watching??!@"


offline Wolfslice from Bay Area, CA (United States) on 2022-06-18 23:21 [#02619314]
Points: 4066 Status: Lurker

hello umbro

my woman and I recently (rewatched) The Fly (1986, jeff

and saw a movie in the theatres for the first time in
several years called The Northman. It was pretty good, but I
like the guy's other 2 films more (The Witch and The

Hope all is well


offline RussellDust on 2022-06-19 12:03 [#02619333]
Points: 15626 Status: Regular

Hey man! It’s heatwave time here. I’m watching old
films, playing Decap Attack and Animal Crossing.


offline umbroman3 from United Kingdom on 2022-06-19 12:17 [#02619334]
Points: 5900 Status: Regular | Followup to Wolfslice: #02619314

Ooh I hate horrors lol
Scary films... Like Texas chainsaw massacre

What's decap attack like?

I'm going to see my sister today
She's cooking burgers


offline Wolfslice from Bay Area, CA (United States) on 2022-06-19 21:36 [#02619336]
Points: 4066 Status: Lurker | Followup to umbroman3: #02619334

horror is actually the worst.

most of it is teenagers being killed in some sort of
torture/gore porn. I guess the original texas chainsaw
massacre is actually OK in that dept. since at least it was
original-ish at the time it came out (70s?). Original
Halloween was good too, and it's in that camp. But few

Good horror is more cerebral. I remember watching the old
adaptation of Roald Dhal's "the Witches" when I was a kid
(its the one with Angelica Houston and the kid who turns
into a mouse). I was super creeped out by the painting of a
park, where there's a little girl who is always in a
different spot in the painting every day. THAT'S what I'm
looking for. Shit gave me hard goosebumps at 7 or 8 years

Either way of the movies I listed last post the only one I'd
call horror is "The Witch," but before horror it's more an
authentic period piece set amongst the early american
pilgrims around the time of the salem witch trials. No
teenage gore porn there, just good old fashioned dark
witchery and old timey dialects.


offline umbroman3 from United Kingdom on 2022-06-24 19:01 [#02619408]
Points: 5900 Status: Regular

did you ever see blair witch project? man that was a shit


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2022-06-24 19:21 [#02619410]
Points: 5798 Status: Regular

yeah i quite like it
very good tiny sample usage from it though Heather "that
sound",jungle tune,
first it was bugging me where the sample was from, then i
found out, but had forgotten what tune it is from.

spawned a diarrhetic streak of complete nonsense...
"found footage"..find my footage up ur arse


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2022-06-24 19:29 [#02619411]
Points: 5798 Status: Regular | Followup to Wolfslice: #02619336

do u like what they call "folk horror"? that is my favourite
type stuff, with caveats
there is this documentary that i've heard is alright but not
watched yet, it's called 'Woodlands Dark and Days
Bewitched'... Fucking, Field in England and shit like that
shows that it is something other than just people deciding
they 'want to make a folk horror film', which i'm sure all
of the "found footage" people did/do.


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2022-06-24 19:34 [#02619412]
Points: 5798 Status: Regular

>> Good horror is more cerebral.
atmosphere... i was on about Hellraiser on here the other
week... it's so ..clammy, euurgh!!!


offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2022-06-24 20:54 [#02619423]
Points: 5798 Status: Regular

(sorry for posting loads, could u mentally merge them into
does anyone else find The Shining not-scary?


offline RussellDust on 2022-06-24 22:17 [#02619450]
Points: 15626 Status: Regular | Followup to umbroman3: #02619334

Decap attack is great fun AFAIC


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