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Old People and Music

wizards teeth on 2001-07-02 14:48 [#00011766]

My mother is a fan of Cliff Richard and describes the music
I listen to as simply noise.

Questions :

1. Why are some old people narrow minded and refuse to
accept modern day music as music?

2. Does anyone have parents or even grand parents who like

3. Who thinks cliff richard is better than the aphex twin.

* I suppose the last question is difficult to answer as they
make music of a slightly different style. I wonder if the
Aphex twin will rise up out of the audience in 30 years time
at wimbledon if it starts to rain and give a live rendition
of window licker to moisten all the old ladies nickers (as
mr. cliff richard did last year)?



hedtwin from manchester on 2001-07-02 14:51 [#00011768]

my grandmother liked moby. I suppose that does not really
count. She also thought that windowlicker was nice, until
seh saw teh video. then she thought it was rude.

I think cliff is better than afx.


Chrispy from the UK 2 on 2001-07-02 15:16 [#00011773]

The other thing is why most young people dont appreciate
older music such as Eagles, Direstraits, Police, Queen...
just as much as most older people don't accept mordern

Open-mindedness and acceptance is for everyone, young and
old. As long as people keep opinions as opinions and just
enjoy their type of music. Metalers and RnBers always go at
each other. theres no need. All would be well.

Orbital Aphex are the best and nothing can ever compare to
them coz everything else is mega shit! I dont Know why
people listen to Cliff!? WTF?!

he he :) that was funny, but still a joke. Ignore that last
bit there. Soz everyone


wizards teeth on 2001-07-02 15:27 [#00011777]

For £120 it is possible to get tennis lessons at the NEC in
Birmingham from Cliff Richard.

I think it would be good to go and get pissed and cause a
bit of agro.


Chrispy from the land of bordom on 2001-07-02 15:32 [#00011782]

!I can see how that would be good! :|


Bad-Ass Muthafucka on 2001-07-02 15:39 [#00011787]



Chrispy from the land of bordom on 2001-07-02 15:40 [#00011788]

n'mind... £120 though...expensive night out eh?


Bad-Ass Muthafucka on 2001-07-02 15:45 [#00011790]

We'll just ram-raid the muthafucka's and start fuckin' 'em


Chrispy from the land of bordom on 2001-07-02 15:48 [#00011793]

Well wouldnt that be lovely. lets take the kids and maybe
some packed lunches. Make a day of it...


Bad-Ass Muthafucka on 2001-07-02 15:56 [#00011798]

No time to eat or look after kids,
too busy Fuckin' up Cliff Richard.


Chrispy from the land of bordom on 2001-07-02 16:00 [#00011799]


Chrispy from the land of bordom on 2001-07-02 16:00 [#00011800]

That's all I have to say on that matter


wizards teeth on 2001-07-02 16:09 [#00011804]

Force Feed Cliff and all the old women in the audience crack
from a lovely glass pipe.

This would probably lead to some hilarious consequences.


Chrispy from the land of bordom on 2001-07-02 16:09 [#00011806]

or many arrests


Bad Ass Muthafucka on 2001-07-02 16:16 [#00011809]

They ain't gettin' none of my crack!!


poe from the uk on 2001-07-02 16:58 [#00011823]

my dad got me into idm, my mum likes underworld and my dad
likes the same as me, its excellent!

he isnt too keen on aphex though =(

i will need to convert him like all the other idiots i live


hedtwin from manchester on 2001-07-02 18:13 [#00011834]

i like queen, eagles etc. All music has its merits. (yes all

I actually reckon we shud get lessons from cliff. That wud b
piss funny


clobe smith from over here on 2001-07-02 18:19 [#00011835]

i played some of the nicer stuff off of saw2 to my mom and
she liked it. she would never buy it, but she liked it.
when i played her some of the stuff off of rdj album, she
didn't really take to it.


poe from the uk on 2001-07-02 18:21 [#00011836]

all music indeed has its perks and distinctive style, if all
music was the same it would suck, so variety is good. but
what I am saying is that in GENERAL guitar music is dead,
you people have to let go off it, and realise it is dated
and.....well, crap. get with it!, you are halfway there by
liking aphex, go the whole step and forget guitar music!

although SOME (very little) is ok, Talking Heads, nirvana,
beck, radiohead, and blur, but those are the more different
abstract and original ones, not this korn and slipknot crap,
aswell as their pop brothers papa roach and limp biscuit


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-07-02 18:33 [#00011838]

Poor poe, you just named all the worst examples of Guitar
music, excluding Radiohead (though I dont think much of

Guitar is great, Electronic is great, both together is


poe from the uk on 2001-07-02 18:42 [#00011839]

no way, as rock music/guitar music goes they are the better
ones, they are innovative/produce just classic songs, name
your good ones you koala hippo


clobe smith from over here on 2001-07-02 18:47 [#00011840]

hey ... i like beck (anyone hear him on air's vagabond?)


poe from the uk on 2001-07-02 18:52 [#00011842]

regrettably not.....his lyrics make me lol...and for a
period I hade the same hair style lol, completely due to my
lack of laziness!


poe from the uk on 2001-07-02 18:53 [#00011843]

nb, shoud have said COMPLETE laziness lol.....that was a bad
ass contradiction i made lol, almost as much as saying
rubbish jon is not gay


Ross on 2001-07-02 19:33 [#00011847]

clobe- the vagabond is okay, sounds more like a beck tune
than an air one..i put on Squarepushers big loada for my Mom
last week and she said 'i'd go mental listening to this'
last year i played the rdj album really loud on surround
while playing a game, and my Dad was like '???' but he didnt
have a reaction as negative as my Mom likes Rhubarb


sick on 2001-07-02 20:53 [#00011852]

i\'m with glitch. guitar is one of the greatest insturments.
so why not use it with electronic? why limit yourself? as
far as those bands that use guitar that you named, talent
wise, they lack. if your looking for some real guitar
playing, listen to classical guitar and jazz.


sick on 2001-07-02 20:54 [#00011853]

i\'m with glitch. guitar is one of the greatest insturments.
so why not use it with electronic? why limit yourself? as
far as those bands that use guitar that you named, talent
wise, they lack. if your looking for some real guitar
playing, listen to classical guitar and jazz.


Thiefofalways from Germany on 2001-07-02 21:38 [#00011861]

I dont know if I was go so far as to say guitar music is
'dead', i mean its no doubt run its full course, but alot of
it is still worth goin back and picking through. With
electronic music being bedded in technology, the fusion of
guitar dominant music and IDM is a bit of step back for me,
though squarepusher uses his own base lines in alot of his
stuff and Takemura does as well with his own band, so i
guess you cant completely rule it out. I think the thing I
like best about artists like AT is that they dont always
follow the typical song structure that dominates all guitar
based music from the emergence of Rock music. Intro, bridge,
pre-chorus,chorus, bridge,pre-chorus, solo, blah blah
blah... With electronic music, as long as the technology
advances, the music that comes out the other end will always
be something fresh, where in most guitar music, the only
real step up is the sound quality, because its all pretty
much been done.


poe from the uk on 2001-07-02 21:39 [#00011863]

guitars are dated, unoriginal, overused, inefficent at
making music, and generally soooo crap.

although at times I marvel at their primitivness, at least
they have what some people call 'soul' in the music, but it
does nothing for me, leave this primitive overused over
hyped crap back where it should be, HISTORY


poe from the uk on 2001-07-02 21:40 [#00011865]

thank you random german!, you have seen how dated and old it


fleckothegecko from confield on 2001-07-03 07:31 [#00011907]

well my dads like 50 or so, and he listens to old rock. well
he gave autechre alot of respect, saying that it is cool how
its nto just bullshit loops like most electronic music.
however, he said its nto somethign he can really enjoy
because hes just not used to hearing the kind of music. he
said aphex twin was "goofy" and that its like "autechre on
funny pills". my dads pretty cool about music though and
repects me alot for not listening to IDM over hardcore rap
and other shit.


Chrispy from the land of bordom on 2001-07-03 08:42 [#00011918]

I disagree. Guitar music isn't that dated. Have you ever
tried to pick up Q-base or something with your friends and
have a jaming session? I know I'm getting the corn out now
but; For me, playing my guitar for 10 mins or so is a way of
forgeting things that are going on. Breaking away.

Also, I find making riffs on the guitar usful for creating
tunes for electronic music. I can see why people think its
dated because of all the bands that drone out the same
stuff. But guitars will never ever dissapear and people will
never ever forget them. Unless you manage to rid the world
of them. :)


m on 2001-07-03 08:48 [#00011921]

What about the forgotton siren song of the ukalayle? It's
difficult to spell, but if plucked by a master, it beats the
heck out of a guitar.


Chrispy from the land of bordom on 2001-07-03 08:52 [#00011922]

ukalayle is quite genre specific. Besides. They're alot
rarer and the untrained eye < or thick people > would just
call it a guitar anyways... You're right though ukalayle
masters rock and its difficult to spell.....I just used your
spelling :P


boxrocket from here i am on 2001-07-03 09:23 [#00011929]

1. a couple of weeks ago i played some aphex twin and daft
punk for my mom. she really liked daft punk, and aphex made
her laugh. while she said that she liked them, she also said
it's not the kind of music she would go out and buy simply
because for the most part it requires one to actually sit
and absorb and concentrate on it (particularly aphex she
said) in order to fully appreciate and understand it, and
she simply doesn't have time to do so. she gave both artists
much respect. i think the biggest factor in older people not
liking the music that younger people listen to is simple.
music is an evolution. it changes and morphs with time just
like anything else in life, and each element of any music
that is out right now has its roots in some part of another
type of music that has already been put out some time
before. that's what making music is....taking all the sounds
you've already heard and using their influence and the
lessons learned from them to create a new sound that
expresses how you feel. the best artists can do this and do
it in a way so that the new sound they come up is extremely
ORIGINAL. the most difficult thing in music is to take
sounds and ideas have been in existence in the past, and
piece them (and their influence on you) in a manner that
sounds like nothing that has ever been made before. korn did
this with their first album, led zeppelin did it in many
different ways, jerry lee lewis did it, and obviously
richard d. james is one of the mother fucking gods of it.
because music is an evolving thing, because all music made
now is a by-product of the music that's already been made,
it's very difficult to understand modern music if you
stopped keeping up with music's timeline a long time ago.
you've missed important pieces to the puzzle that
materialized some time while you were absent. this is the
reason i think older people don't tend to enjoy modern
music, particularly innovative modern music. they don't
understand it. and the reason is because they've missed some
of the links in the chain that have already been around for
a while. if you watch three minutes of the middle of a movie
you don't have any idea what's going on because you haven't
seen what's already happened that led up to the point you
are now watching. same with music.

2. on guitar music. because a guitar is a thing that makes
sounds (regardless of how those sounds are made, or the
number of sounds that can be made), it will never be dead.
it will never be drained completely of all its potential;
the things you can do with it are infinite, particularly and
especially when you consider the advances that are being
made with electronic machines right now. the reason is
because people feel different things, and when people feel
the same things, they feel them in very different ways. and
emotion is what plays (or should play, at least) the guitar.
emotion is expressed through the guitar, so the guitar is
just a channel. we haven't begun to see the end of what that
instrument can do, because we're just starting to scratch
the surface of an entire genre of music (electronic) and the
machines used to make the basis of that genre are advancing
more and more every single day. i personally don't believe
that we have yet used the guitar WITH electronic music
completely, or adequately, let alone even near perfectly.
from my perspective, certain artists have made electronic
music with a little of guitar flavor, and others have made
guitar music with a slight bit of electronic input, but we
have yet to see the two truly melded and equally applied to
create a sound unlike anything ever heard. we have no idea
what the fuck richard james himself could do to a guitar if
he had enough interest in it to take the fucker apart and
create some new gear by piecing it together with some of his
other home-made machines. this will happen eventually. some
one will do it, and guitar will in that manner live on. to
say the guitar is dead, or will die, is to say the same for
music itself. and that is simply not possible.

just my opinion.


od from perth on 2001-07-03 14:38 [#00011981]

my dads actually really good liek that
he likes a lot of jazz and was a musician (lead guitar) back
in the day
he's into the really experimental stuff, he likes a lot of
squarepusher and afx and stuff.
he's into drill n bass almost as much as i am! its really
cool sometimes he helps me with my tracks when i get stuck
and that.
he reckons come to daddy is cool (esp the vid......) and he
wouldnt stop laughing at the windowlicker vid coz he
actually got the "joke" the sort of pisstake on modern vid


Siamese Twin from The Dark Side on 2001-07-03 14:58 [#00011983]

My mum says exactly the same thing ("I just don't have the
time to listen to it"). She just likes listening to simple
crappy songs on the radio. I like the way she looks at music
- she knows that it's bland and rubbish, but she still
enjoys listening to it. She's the same way with soaps, also;
although she's intelligent and realises soaps are dull with
poor acting, she enjoys it because it's escapism. Anyway,
back to the point - IDM is sort of "challenging" to listen
to on the bus, the noise fills me with joy, but when I
listen to it on the bus, everyone stares at me thinking
"what the hell is that awful noise?".

Most old people will never like electronica because they've
stopped caring about music. If they were teenagers now, they
probably would listen.


::praxis:: from beeeeep on 2001-07-04 04:09 [#00012137]

[my mom raised me on industrial music among other
things...which i consider a stepping-stone of sorts into
idm. not that i consider one above the other, and i still
listen to industrial heavily, even primarily, but i probably
wouldnt have been able to appriciate aphex twin if i hadnt
become obsessed with skinny puppy when i was 9. she doesnt
like much of the stuff ive played for her, except saw2,
because she was and is a huge fan of brian eno's ambient
work- which is actually what made me buy the album to begin
with, hearing it compared to his music for....series. i dont
consider it that hard to listen to or anything, though
obviously more comlex; i listen almost daily, and its become
easy on my ear in some sense without loosing its potency. i
can listen to ae or afx on the bus or whenever, and dont
always have to concentrate to get it.....]


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-04 06:34 [#00012154]

Classifiers!!!! As long as bands like Ween are around,
Rock n' Roll will never die!!!! IDM is such a label!!!
It's not danceable half the time anyway! I listen to Aphex
because I find his music trippy.....his creations never
stray from the beat.....every little twist is in time to the
beat......even his overly ambient stuff has an underlying
beat, you just need an imagination to like it!

As for all of these "Guitar bands".....well. There are some
guitar-based musicians and bands out there who are just
having the toughest time accepting electronic music....most
of these people resent change. I happen to listen to
everything I can get my hands on.....I'll give anything a
listen....and at the same time I am willing to accept that
what I say is "utter crap" might be the "holy grail" to
others. I was once a Death Metal guy, so I know what it's
like to have my music called crap! I ignore comments like
that and have a laugh! Everyone should just laugh at the
state of music today! Cuz if we take it too seriously, we
can never truly enjoy it. Music is limitless! Sometimes I
feel as if electronic music has created "a musical
generation of snobs". Such a pity and a waste of time to
behave this way.....*burp*


Naphex-Male from Vancouver, Canada on 2001-07-04 06:36 [#00012155]

I'll probably fry in hell for that last comment.....oh
well.....Fuck You!!!


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