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Werner Herzog on chickens

offline Portnoy on 2019-12-03 13:34 [#02590721]
Points: 985 Status: Lurker


I feel like that about people sometimes...


online DADONCK from here on 2019-12-03 13:48 [#02590722]
Points: 2453 Status: Regular

we talked about that video where hes commenting the suicidal
penguin, right?


offline dariusgriffin from cool on 2019-12-03 14:58 [#02590724]
Points: 11603 Status: Regular

isn't one of his first short films about a group of children
brutally murdering a chicken and he won't release it because
it's too gruesome


offline dariusgriffin from cool on 2019-12-03 15:00 [#02590725]
Points: 11603 Status: Regular

yes more herzog mythologia


offline RussellDust on 2019-12-03 15:12 [#02590726]
Points: 14522 Status: Regular


“He has likened the shoot to controversial moments in his
later film Even Dwarfs Started Small, such as young piglets
suckling on the corpse of a dead mother pig, and
cannibalistic chickens, or when an actor was accidentally
set on fire and run over by a truck.”

I love him as an actor too. He was fab in Julien Donkey Boy,
and he’s ace in the Mandalorian too.


offline RussellDust on 2019-12-03 15:13 [#02590727]
Points: 14522 Status: Regular

He suffered for his sins once he met Kinsky I guess!


offline Portnoy on 2019-12-04 07:52 [#02590783]
Points: 985 Status: Lurker | Followup to DADONCK: #02590722

not sure if that was discussed around here, I remember it
being a good documentary


offline Portnoy on 2019-12-04 07:54 [#02590784]
Points: 985 Status: Lurker | Followup to dariusgriffin: #02590724

that sounds disturbing. What's that Hanneke movie with the
headless chicken? Google indicates Caché. Haven't seen it
in years. That is indeed the only time I've seen a headless
chicken, and it turns out they do indeed run around for a
bit after decapitation.


offline Portnoy on 2019-12-04 07:55 [#02590785]
Points: 985 Status: Lurker | Followup to RussellDust: #02590727

he's not perfect and definitely questionable, but has
brought us some good cinema


offline RussellDust on 2019-12-04 18:59 [#02590824]
Points: 14522 Status: Regular | Followup to Portnoy: #02590785



offline steve mcqueen from caerdydd (United Kingdom) on 2019-12-05 19:46 [#02590907]
Points: 4414 Status: Addict

real thread


offline mohamed on 2019-12-05 19:48 [#02590908]
Points: 29251 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

chickens & stabs

the Sas' Special


offline mohamed on 2019-12-05 20:01 [#02590913]
Points: 29251 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

go back to the jungle squeezing mosquitos, fucking


offline mohamed on 2019-12-05 20:08 [#02590916]
Points: 29251 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

5000 euro per una legge del cazzo


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