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Meaning of Drukqs?

Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-07-02 08:02 [#00011725]

Any ideas?

...sounds like 'drugs' to me...


dandylionesstrogen from io on 2001-07-02 08:10 [#00011727]

Say "Druk Q's" fast and it sounds like Drug Use...


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-07-02 08:14 [#00011730]

yes it does sound like Drug use to me if you say it a little
faster than normal. I dunno it could mean something, and
then again it could mean absolutly Nothing at al.. Hm.....


m on 2001-07-02 08:15 [#00011731]

I think it's best if interpreted as "ducks". I hope it is
music that is totally on drugs though, like windowlicker or
come 2 daddy.


m on 2001-07-02 08:24 [#00011733]

The fact that it's a double cd worries me that it will just
be a lot of old material he decided to release. (That would
make some other people happy actually)


penneth from very intense on 2001-07-02 09:12 [#00011735]

mate of mine has spoken to some colleagues at warp who were
aloud to listen to the album once in the office prior to it
being sent away-warp are keeping a tight leish on the
material-even the staff wont be aloud advance copies-it is
newish material & is said to be 'very intense'!!!


I don't like afx on 2001-07-02 09:21 [#00011738]

I'm sure the album will be

AFX, AFX, he's are man ! If he can't do it, no one can :)

P.S. I found one track of the AFX album on NAPSTER

P.P.S. just joking :)


penneth from dirge vendor... on 2001-07-02 09:34 [#00011745]

he is though isn't he?? the mans sick.


hedtwin from manchester on 2001-07-02 14:52 [#00011769]

i heard somewhere, i think it was the warp messageboard,
that its melodies from mars, analogue bubblebath 5 and a
couple of new track. That could be a lie though.


Chrispy from the UK 2 on 2001-07-02 15:29 [#00011778]

He might be putting on some of the old tracks he nver
finished; maybe zOOpped up with a different sound perhaps?
Phobiazero? Dya know some of the titles of the tracks? Have
you any more information?


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-02 15:31 [#00011780]

Drug use is plausible i think..

The old tracks is utterly bollocks i think, as one pointed
out, releasing "melodies from mars" when these tracks belong
to rephlex???

new trax i belive


Chrispy from the land of bordom on 2001-07-02 15:37 [#00011786]

sorry. I don't know. Thats why I'm asking questions. Didnt
mean to offend but I suppose at least you answered one of
them. Thanks


Anonymous from Space on 2001-07-02 16:37 [#00011817]

Get a move on chaps, track 5 from disk 2 is up at


Chrispy from the land of bordom on 2001-07-02 16:39 [#00011818]

I can never seem to get on Joyrex. Do other people have any
probs or is it just me? I'll try later.


Chrispy from the land of bordom on 2001-07-02 16:40 [#00011820]

oh no....I've done it...panic over's


Ross on 2001-07-02 19:36 [#00011848]

i've a feeling richard will make some crazy tracks that
outdo any current idm (possibly) because he has always done
the fast approach more successfully than most (squarepusher
is great tho)..there'll proly be a variety of stuff, but who


Jawhob from Newfoundland, Canada on 2001-07-02 19:48 [#00011849]

Oh shit, new album, I have to go change my underwear...!!!



SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-02 20:24 [#00011850]

FUCK!!! has anyone heard the track downloadeble!!!!

its fucking brilliant. if it isnt aphex that made this....
then i want to know who it is. it rocks !!!!

think Richard d james album. only more hardcore and ambient
on the same time!

i love it!!!!! AAAAAARGJ


ArchRival from NY on 2001-07-02 22:12 [#00011871]

ITS DEFINITLY APHEX TWIN (how the fuck can somebodycopy his
sound 99,9 percent)!!!

Or somebody whO MAKES InCREDiBLE MUSIC!!!!!


I hope its Aphex Twin

Finnlebuk ROCKS!!!

If Aphex didnt create that track I wanna know who did it.

That person has created some hot shit!


ArchRival from NY on 2001-07-02 22:17 [#00011874]


Its "The Flashbulb" chek


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-07-03 16:22 [#00012007]

Well i knew it all along...

haha.. no. fooled me! good track still..

cant wait till oktober...


japes from London on 2001-07-03 19:42 [#00012040]

If Rich was gonna release his Melodies from Mars tracks,
he'd probably do what he did with the Polygon Window thing,
and re-release it with a few more tracks. Not on a new

I don't ever want this album to come out. It means we'll
have to wait ages again for the next one.


. from . on 2001-07-04 09:10 [#00012199]



Chrispy from the UK Plains of Noise on 2001-07-04 09:13 [#00012202]

what was that Adrian?


age from . on 2001-07-04 09:43 [#00012208]

good morning all isnt it a smashing day??oops..soz-busy the way-does anybody have any proof that
universal indicator is rich?? only rephlex are rereleasing
the lot in an hour long mix.cheers ears.


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-07-04 10:22 [#00012213]

Universal Indicator series.. there are 4. Yellow, Red, Blue,
and Green.

Aphex Twin [Richard D. James] only worked on 2 of these. On
Red he supposedly did 3 or so tracks, and help make the
rest. And On Green he helped make it with someone else..
can't remember his name now. The others he had no part of.


age from . on 2001-07-04 10:34 [#00012218]

cheers for that!! -am convinced enough to go buy a
the way, anybody out there going to see the man DJ at the
medicine bar in brum? rich is supposedly playing from the
disused swimming pool in the courtyard...minus arm bands i
would have thought....


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