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album /ep of the year 2018

offline umbroman3 from United Kingdom on 2018-11-14 20:03 [#02564641]
Points: 2896 Status: Regular

aphex twin - collapse EP

apart from the obvious what are this years favs?

hoping for some good suggestions from tony danza and belb,
some obscure bandcamp or hiphop act(s)...


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2018-11-14 20:39 [#02564652]
Points: 3394 Status: Lurker

maybe crafty893 - dumb ep if you like grime, i think it was
this year anyway. daphne and celeste save the world which i
know indeks rates as well, i liked the IDLES and SOPHIE
albums (and associate the two cos of caps if not musically),
ic3peak's stuff on soundcloud, um, some more, my memory is


offline -crazone from smashing acid over and over on 2018-11-14 22:52 [#02564656]
Points: 10612 Status: Lurker | Show recordbag

bodied by ital tek is great and one of my fav's for this
year. Funny you mention IDLES because I just ordered the
two albums they released. I went to their show in Amsterdam
because my brother insisted I'd go with him. didn't expect
to be in a mosh pit jumping from the stage etc..haha. Had a
great night, great band but totally not comparable with
excellent electronic music ;-)


offline Indeksical from Phobiazero Damage Control (United Kingdom) on 2018-11-15 01:27 [#02564664]
Points: 9478 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

NTS session and Smote Reverser are the two that have stuck
out for me.


offline belb from mmmmmmhhhhzzzz!!! on 2018-11-15 01:33 [#02564665]
Points: 3394 Status: Lurker

oh yeah nts sessions, that's def up there. the new(ish)
people like us / matmos collab was great.too


offline RussellDust on 2018-11-15 03:31 [#02564671]
Points: 12845 Status: Regular

NTS Session by far for me.


offline Tony Danza from Morlocktopia on 2018-11-15 03:37 [#02564672]
Points: 857 Status: Addict

Jako Maron, Robert Lippok, Objekt, HVL, Gabor Lazar, Topdown
Dialectic, Yves De Mey,

and THE album of the year

Primitive World - White on White


offline Indeksical from Phobiazero Damage Control (United Kingdom) on 2018-11-15 09:18 [#02564677]
Points: 9478 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

NTS sessions will probably be my favourite electronic album
of the decade.

Struggling to think of anything better.


offline mermaidman from the indian ocean on 2018-11-15 09:35 [#02564679]
Points: 4215 Status: Regular

nts session was shit! i dubbed me mates mixtape on it


offline wavephace from Aspiring Moderator on 2018-11-16 02:47 [#02564709]
Points: 2615 Status: Regular

For me it's gotta be Kendrick Lamar's soundtrack to Black
Panther. Music just doesn't get much better than this.


offline RussellDust on 2018-11-16 10:34 [#02564713]
Points: 12845 Status: Regular | Followup to Indeksical: #02564677

I’m thinking along the same lines.

Mermaidman, that’s a l’on mixtape! Good for you!


offline Tony Danza from Morlocktopia on 2018-11-18 16:31 [#02564802]
Points: 857 Status: Addict

Skee Mask - Compro

its a grower, my babies


offline recycle from Where is Phobiazero (Lincoln) (United States) on 2018-11-18 20:22 [#02564811]
Points: 37368 Status: Regular

The prodigy- no tourist


offline Indeksical from Phobiazero Damage Control (United Kingdom) on 2018-11-18 21:04 [#02564813]
Points: 9478 Status: Regular | Show recordbag

Forgot "Predictions" by 79.5


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