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RIP Douglas Rain

offline marlowe from Antarctica on 2018-11-12 10:52 [#02564493]
Points: 24320 Status: Regular

Douglas Rain, the iconic voice behind HAL-9000 in Stanley
Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, has died at the age
of 90.

Kubrick cast Douglas Rain after watching the 1960 Boards of
Canada documentary Universe as research for his film,
and was so taken with the voice of its narrator, Canadian
Douglas Rain, that he consequently cast him in as the ship's
computer in his 1968 masterpiece.


offline Tony Danza from not today, satan on 2018-11-12 13:27 [#02564496]
Points: 1381 Status: Regular

[God returning from an errand]

"Open the pearly gates, Doug. This isn't funny. It wasn't
funny last time either."

"I'm sorry, God, I can't do that"

here is the docu, not sure if the movie will work
with a non Canadian IP, give it a try


offline Hyperflake from Wirral (United Kingdom) on 2018-11-12 14:56 [#02564499]
Points: 23805 Status: Addict

absolutely perfect voice for the role, RIP


offline RussellDust on 2018-11-12 21:03 [#02564503]
Points: 13828 Status: Regular

Chocolate Rain


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