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Next AFX collaboration!?

Organ Grinder from my own little fantasy world on 2001-06-23 19:39 [#00010801]

Alright, here's my question for all of you today:

If you could choose someone for Aphex to collaborate with
next, who would it be? (and yes, it can be someone he's
already collaborated with)

For me, i'd have to say Bogdan Raczynski!! I'd love to hear
Bogdan's vocals, or even better yet, these weird flutes and
accordions he's been using lately, over some badass Aphex
jungle shit. Or better yet, over someone SAW type stuff.


Aron? from Canada on 2001-06-23 20:31 [#00010805]

I really like to see him and Squarepusher do their thing

Or maybe Prefuse73, that would be cool.

Or maybe Radiohead

Or Autechre

Good Question!


Organ Grinder from my own little fantasy world on 2001-06-23 21:01 [#00010806]

hmmm.... radiohead.. that would be interesting.

And a Wagon Christ / Aphex Twin collaboration would be quite
interesting too....


digitalbubblebeth on 2001-06-23 23:11 [#00010811]

1st choice (tie): Matt Elliott (Third eye foundation) or
Kevin Shields (my bloody valentine)
2nd choice: Rovo
3rd Choice: Takako Minekawa

runners up: Matmos, Datach'i, Yuppster, Bjork, tricky, Brian
Eno&David Bowie, Dr. Moog

If I could bring back the dead: W.S. Burroughs


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-06-23 23:23 [#00010814]

my want would be too collaborate with all the country Garth Brooks....then I wouldn't mind listening
to that fat fuck!


radiowerkshop from canada on 2001-06-24 01:54 [#00010823]

more cylob please


boxrocket from here i am on 2001-06-24 05:58 [#00010832]

personally, i'd like to see richard work with michael
jackson....and yes, i'm serious.


D-Hex from KC Missouri on 2001-06-24 08:13 [#00010834]

Good call on Michael jackson,,,howbout the flaming lips.
They are big fans anyways so im sure they wouldnt mind.


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-24 09:32 [#00010840]

W.S. Burroughs did a really cool thing with Kurt Cobain back
way back.... and I bought it when I was down in the states,
its some crazy shit. Its fucking mental insanely weird
guitar sounds and stuff done by Cobain, and W.S. Burroughs
reading some crazy story overtop. Creepy as hell. Cobain
actually plays some fuct up version or tidbit of "Starry
Night" or "Holy Night". It was fuct up, I shall listen to it
in a while when I go to bed.

But If anyone would do one with him.. AFX I mean it would
have to be Autechre, Roni Size, Orb and possibly like
Massive Attack would be something to hear.


Dodecha from Trondheim - Norway on 2001-06-24 13:04 [#00010851]

I would like aphex twin colaborate with:

1. Photek
2. Orbital (wonder what it will sound like)
3. Slipknot (the product of this must be mindblowing)

I reeally wonder what slipknot & aphex twin would sound


Thiefofalways from Germany on 2001-06-24 13:09 [#00010852]

Id really like to see him remix some J.S. Bach. Bach's
eeire, melodic harpsiord works, with Richard's beats and
under melodies would be absolutly insane! Also I would like
to see him do more with Nobukazu Takemura, and moreover with
Takemura's band, Spiritual Vibes, they have so much stuff
that would sound wicked with Rich along.


cheech wizard from age on 2001-06-24 16:09 [#00010856]

Autechre,radiohead....tricky (allthough apparently tricky
hates him).


radiowerkshop from canada on 2001-06-24 17:08 [#00010859]

yeah the lips man that would be astoundingly beautiful.
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease god hear this cry.


rubbish john from i dunno where on 2001-06-24 18:09 [#00010865]

possibly rdj working with john frusciante may be an
interesting idea.
anyone else like john frusciante's solo projects?


radiowerkshop from canada on 2001-06-24 18:56 [#00010868]

this first two cd's were fantastic and the latest johhny in
my opinion is a bit of poo


\/\/ooƒerAttack!!! from Milan on 2001-06-25 07:37 [#00010905]

mhmm... AFX+Rob Zombie, Stabbing Westward and NIN for some
songs about "The Evolution of Industrial".

AFX+MassiveAttack: They could be a masterpiece, together...
"Evolution of Trip Pop"

AFX+Bjork: Ver, very interestig...



Nine Inch Aphex from Liverpool, NY (USA) - soon Tempe, Arizona (USA) on 2001-06-25 07:41 [#00010906]

Richard should work with Nine Inch Nails.
...Radiohead - yes as well.

And I'm so serious - even though I like
no other music like this (with the exception of)
the Dave Matthews Band....

Or even a Nine Inch Nails remix of some Dave...

Imagine - Nine Inch Nancies: AFX mix.




M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-25 07:41 [#00010907]

I would like him to collaborate with me! Autechre would
probably be best. Or Stephen Hawking or something like that.
Did you know that Stephen Hawking is a mad lyrical terrorist
as a little hobby? Seriously,
(actually I'm guessing at the url)


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-25 07:45 [#00010908]

I think the Nine Inch Nails stuff Aphex Twin did was awsome
shit! Especially At the Heart Of it All. That was awsome


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-25 07:51 [#00010909]

I thought their "heresy" collaboration was great, those
reverse lyrics and all. But I don't know if aphex helped on
this track even. Oh yeah, the "ruiner" was damn excellent.
You can just tell when the song starts. It's some twisted
modified evil techno.


map[warp/rephlex-aholic] from CH - Mulligan on 2001-06-25 11:59 [#00010956]

how about a 4 battle or 2 vs 2 ?

Aphex Twin Mu-Ziq
Squarepusher B.Raczynski


weech chizard from ageiopolis on 2001-06-25 12:55 [#00010967]

royal philharmonical orchestra (london)
maybe mira calix.....they re machines could make luurve.
(chef voice)


GoldenZephyr1.618033..... from Nazareth PA on 2001-08-09 03:14 [#00020567]

Would love to see Aphex use the new 5.1 DVD or hybrid
SACD/CD surround sound format with a 2 channel layer. He
could utilize that medium to it's full potential. Also I
could see him using real orchestrations like on Icct Hedral
in those formats. I'd love to see what he'd do to Latin,
Celtic or Middle Eastern based sounds such as Irish reels,
jigs, Latin merengues, Punjabi. Imagin that!? Absolutely
would love to see him work with or remix Radiohead or use
Thom Yorke's vox for some eerie sounding tunes and chop the
crap out of them. This is a little out there but RDJ should
rework some Art of Noise tunes. Close to the edit was my
first Aphex type experience I would love to see exactly what
he would do to it and others by AON, I'm sure it would
probably be serendipitous. For me, AON was the first wave,
AFX is the second. Wonder what the third will be. Should I
be scared?


suckcock on 2001-08-09 06:18 [#00020591]

what the fuck is the big deal about slipknot

/me dunno fucker


djfony -mike b- from helemano, hawaii on 2001-08-09 08:06 [#00020598]

me :)


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